Regardless of whether you’ve hit your 30s or not, many of us would have encountered the following situation: “Is that a strand of grey hair? Already? How old are you?” Uff…Remember that moment your heart skipped a beat in distress, and you were left wondering what next, while growing immensely concerned about whether it’s time to colour your hair? We can totally relate to that.

Well, hair colour myths and numerous facts (literally many truths behind each myth) is a favourite topic of one and all. From a teeny-weeny teenager to seasoned fashionistas, the info is everywhere for your perusal, but the trick is to pick the right one.

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Greying or not, colouring hair just for fun, to flaunt that funky look is always met with a plethora of questions and concerns from family, and friends to even strangers! Even the slightest hint that you want to colour your hair invites many opinions which could stress you out, and make you question your choice.

Whether you have greying hair or colouring for fun, here is all that you need to know - minus the confusion.

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Colouring Will Damage Your Hair Forever


Well, that depends on the quality of the product. If the colour is applied directly on the scalp, on the outermost part of the hair shaft, it can cause hair loss. In fact, bleaching does more harm to the tresses than hair colour. Pick the right product with damage blocking technology and seek professional help while applying it.

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Colour Safe Shampoos Can Be Used Right After Dyeing


Don’t ever do that, again. The colour safe shampoos help in retaining the hue for a longer time but using it straight after the job is done, is a big no-no. That’s because the hair cuticles need time to close completely and to lock-in the colour. Washing it away with shampoo makes the whole exercise a colossal waste of time.

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If I Colour My Hair Once, I Should Do It All The Time


Remember, it’s your choice always. If you love to experiment, please do it by all means. And if you want to get the natural colour back, wait till the colour fades away and grow the tresses. Another option would be to choose a colour that matches with the natural tone of your hair. 

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All Hair Colours Are The Same


Not all hair colours are created equal. The only common purpose of all hair colours is to tint your tresses and it ends there. Each product has a different formulation and how each hair dye interacts with your hair varies. So, it’s your job to make the right choice. Seek help from hair professionals.

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Colouring Will Make You Grey Faster


Greying of the hair purely depends on your genetics, lifestyle, and healthy eating habits. Believe it or not, the major spoiler could be stress but not hair colour. If you are greying suddenly, eat healthy, live a stress free but don’t forget to colour the hair with a quality product, to maintain that chic look!