Health is truly the ultimate wealth. Although it might sound cliché, this time-tested adage stands true even today. And robust bones and joints contribute vastly to a fit body.

Yes, equally important to our key bodily organs of the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys are the rigid connective tissues - our bones and joints.

Ideal Diet Components For Building Resilient Bones And Joints:

Besides essential macronutrients namely carbs, proteins, healthy fats and fibers, certain specific vitamins and minerals – vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, are required for fostering powerful bones, joints with improved flexibility. Also Read: Calcium: Functions, Food Sources, Supplements, Deficiencies And Toxicity

While a glass of fortified milk certainly supplies sufficient amounts of proteins, healthy fats, in addition to calcium, vitamin D and is a complete meal in itself for bone and joint wellness, several other foods assist in developing optimal bone density, besides tensile strength of joints.

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These include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts that are both antioxidant-rich and alkaline-forming foods. Such nourishing bounties are a key component for maintaining ample reserves of calcium in the bloodstream and preserving the bulk and structure of bones, joints. This is very important not only for kids but also for young adults, middle-aged and elderly, to prevent debilitating illnesses like arthritis, osteoporosis.

You must be wondering where you can find good food or refreshment, for bolstering your connective tissues. And what with a partial lockdown still being imposed all over India to curb the spread of COVID-19, most eateries still remain closed. But hey, you don’t need to head out to that juice shop or smoothie bar for a wholesome bone-building drink.

Delicious And Nutritious Smoothie Recipes For Uplifted Physical Fitness:

We bring you two invigorating beverage recipes filled with organic constituents, which you can easily prepare at home. Guaranteed, they will replenish your energy, stamina and nurture the well-being, strength and enhanced mobility of your bones and joints.

Beet-N-Berry Mix
beet-n-berry mix


½ beetroot

¾ cup raspberries

1 small peach

1 cup milk

2 tsp honey


Place all the ingredients – beetroot, raspberries, peach, milk and honey, into a juicer.

Pulse on high speed, to obtain a homogenous blend.

Empty this liquid into tall glasses, put in a couple of ice cubes and enjoy the beet-n-berry mix cold.


Packed with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, beetroots contribute to building strong bones and joints. Moreover, they are also a wonderful source of dietary fibers, B vitamins and iron, for improved metabolism, elevated brain activity and optimal red blood cell synthesis respectively. Low in calories and high on proteins, raspberries perfectly complement any weight loss diet. Peaches immensely enrich skin texture, imbued with zinc and catechin antioxidants. Also Read: Aadu Fruit: Excellent Health Benefits Of Peaches That Guarantee Enhanced Well-Being

Fig Almond Shake
fig almond shake


½ cup dried figs, soaked in water

7 - 9 almonds, blanched

¼ cup blueberries

1 cup milk

1 tsp cinnamon powder


Transfer all the ingredients – figs, almonds, blueberries, milk and cinnamon powder, to a mixer.

Blend on high until a smooth, thick liquid form is achieved.

Pour this fig almond shake into tall glasses along with some crushed ice and serve chilled.


This absolutely delicious smoothie contains generous servings of nutrient-dense figs. They abound in calcium, for reinforced bones, besides magnesium, for enhancing mineral absorption as well as vitamin K, crucial for synthesizing osteocytes - the bone-forming cells. Rich in vitamin E - an antioxidant, almonds help to lower the risk of cancers. Blueberries contain ample amounts of vitamin C, for bolstered immune system functions.