Know How Pain Killers Work

If you are suffering from joint pains, muscle pull, swelling, choose topical pain killers available in the forms of creams, gels or sprays, as your first choice for instant pain relief.

Topical Pain Killers

Most of these topical pain killers are over-the-counter medications that are rubbed or sprayed on the skin over the affected area and these products start working immediately, providing a symptomatic relief.

These medications are analgesic, and the most common ingredients are counterirritants, salicylates and capsaicin.

Know The Ingredients:


Mentol, oil of evergreen, camphor are known as counter-irritants as they provide either a burning or cooling sensation on the affected joint or muscle distracting mind from the pain and provide eventual relief.


Salicylates are the same ingredient that is found in aspirin, an effective pain killer. Salicylates in topical medications too show the same effect when rubbed or sprayed on the skin. They get absorbed into the body particularly at the joints like fingers, elbows, knees and relieve you from pain.


May sound surprising, but the main ingredient in capsaicin-based products is hot chili peppers. These products may cause burning or tingling sensation on application but would soon provide with pain relief. It is helpful for the patients suffering from persistent joint pains or diabetic nerve pain.

How To Use:

  • Do not ever rub these creams or spray the medicine on wounds, cuts.
  • Do not put a tight bandage on the affected area after using the medication.
  • Avoid using a cool or hot pad along with the medication.
  • Avoid touching eyes with the medicine on hands as it may cause severe irritation, redness and infection.
  • Talk to your doctor if you are allergic to blood thinners, capsaicin or other components in the medicine.