One of the most discomforting, excruciating, and unbearable pain that a human body finds difficult to handle is a toothache. When the nerve in the root of teeth or surrounding it gets inflamed, injured, or decayed, it triggers a toothache. Sometimes a broken filling or severe inflammation of the pulp in the mouth can also be a potent cause of sudden pain. At the onset, we all resort to simple remedial solutions before heading to a dentist which by and large is a last resort. While our grandmothers have given us ample remedies to beat the blues of mild forms of toothache, even nature has an abundance of bountiful herbs that can be our savior in such painful times. One such prodigious plant that indeed goes by an interesting name is the toothache plant which is native to the land of Brazil and is a fabulous flowering plant loaded with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. A distant cousin of the famous daisy flower, this herb has dark deep red spots with luscious yellow blossoms.

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The blossoms of this plant are clusters of many lovely little flowers. While it also goes by the Botanical name Acmella Oleracea, the herb has many other vernacular names such as Spilanthes Acmella Jambu, Electric Daisy, Para cress, and Eyeball Plant. The toothache plant is extensively found in Brazil, Australia, Africa, Sri Lanka, South, and Central India. Laden with many medicinal benefits, besides curing tooth pains, it is also used for gastrointestinal problems and different chronic inflammation. Some countries have reaped its culinary benefits as well because of the strong, bitter taste and flavour it can bring to the delicacies. Staying true to its name, the most befitting benefit of the herb is to ease tooth pains. When the extracts of this herb are chewed, they have a numbing effect and act as an anesthetic. The main ingredient of the herb is Spilanthol, besides active compounds called flavonoids that provide instant relief from throbbing pain.

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Next time you have a sudden severe bout of pain, keep extracts of this herb handy and get rid of that throbbing ache that could be giving you a real hard time. Well, that's not all! There is a lot more this fabulous plant offers when it comes to wellness incentives.

Foray into this infographic to know some other stupendous surprise benefits of this herb to keep the body free from discomfort.

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