We all love tomatoes. It is that one omnipresent ingredient be it in Indian dishes or as a topping on pizza. Tomatoes are extensively used for culinary purposes but this beautiful red vegetable (technically a fruit) is a powerhouse of antioxidants that can heal and nourish the skin.Woman with cream on her face and holding a tomato

Cosmetic products made from tomato have become popular in the recent years, as the potassium and vitamin C present in tomatoes act as astringents, restore glow, slowdown the ageing and rejuvenate skin from damage.

Use Tomato-Based Products For Following Benefits:

Reduces Oiliness:

If you have an oily face and summer makes it worse, wash your face with tomato-based face cleansers to reduce oiliness and to keep skin tighter and cleaner.

Closes Open Pores:

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and citric acid and play an important role in clearing blackheads. Go for facemasks that have tomatoes as the main ingredient to rid get of black heads to reduce open pores on the face.

Lightens Skin:

Tomatoes have ample amounts of astringent properties and brighten up your face instantly. The astringent properties remove excess sebum preventing build up of oil and reduce dullness.

Reduces Suntan:

Suntan or sunburns are a common problem in summer and tomato helps in easily dealing with it. Tomato based sunscreen lotions avoid the harmful effects of suntan and soothe the skin.

Prevents Hair Loss:

It may sound strange, but tomatoes can reduce hair loss. Thanks to its vitamins and other minerals, tomatoes can stimulate hair follicles, restrict hair fall and provide natural glow to the tresses.

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