Looking for an amazing ingredient that would boost your health and nourish the skin from deep within? Then humble tomatoes are your saviour, readily available in every kitchen and relished by all, the benefits of tomatoes for health and beauty are numerous. Plumpy, vibrantly coloured and robust balls are highly valuable in healing and rejuvenating the skin.

Tomatoes contains immense amounts of vitamins C, A , B and minerals potassium and magnesium which works wonders in transforming the dullest of skins by boosting collagen synthesis and revamp skin natural glow and radiance. A powerhouse of antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes combat detrimental free radicals that oxidise the healthy skin cells.

Tomatoes are termed as functional food which means it goes way beyond than just conferring nutrition. Potent astringent characteristics of tomatoes aid in reducing the excess sebum secretion on the skin’s surface, avert clogging of pores, thereby reducing blackheads and pigmentation. Aside from this, several active compounds in tomatoes such as carotene, lycopene, lutein, vitamin C, A, E exhibit strong anti-inflammatory effects that reduce skin irritations and sunburn. Furthermore, natural pore-shrinking properties support to tighten sagging skin, heal acne and treat all other skin woes related to ageing.

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Key Skin-Boosting Properties Of Tomatoes

Natural skin lightening properties diminish pigmentation and blemishes.

Potent antibacterial effects combat acne and remove dead skin cells.

Strong anti-inflammatory characteristics reduce inflammation and sun damage.

Loaded with water tomatoes moisturise the skin from within and make it supple.

A storehouse of antioxidants tomatoes delays signs of ageing and firm the skin.
Tomato for skin