Waterborne diseases are diseases that caused from consumption or contact to infected water. Majority of waterborne diseases are seen during monsoon. Waterborne diseases are responsible for gastro-intestinal tract greatly causing typhoid, cholera, jaundice and the developing mosquitoes can cause malaria. Though these diseases are curable but can be fatal if proper treatment is not delivered. Preventing these diseases is one of the major factors in monsoon season, which includes following steps:

waterborne diseases in monsoon

The most important factor for prevention is to have vaccination against hepatitis A and B to avoid jaundice during monsoons. Avoid going out in heavy rainfall so that one do not come in direct contact with the pathogens /germs present in rain water. Stagnant water is a breeding place for mosquitoes and cause malaria, so do not let any water stand near your surroundings.

Use mosquito repellents to keep away from insects and eat clean and fresh food, cover the food immediately if not consumed, so that flies may not contaminate it and may cause stomach related problems.

Tips to follow:


  • Try to eat less spicy food and avoid readymade food products as during monsoons our digestive system weakens and cannot digest spicy food properly leading to stomach disorders.
  • Drinking water should be treated well before consumption.
  • Avoid eating green leafy vegetables.