Teenage or adolescence is a transitional period both in the terms of physical and psychological development.Exercise for Teenagers

It’s the time in life where both young girls and boys get aware of their physical appearance, skin tone, get fashionable, focus on career plans.

Even while trying to get all these factors right, there is certainly one important factor many teenagers in our country seem to be missing out – Exercise.

While there is no particular age to start physical activity, experts say that teen years are the best time to begin as regular workouts offer enormous health benefits.

From improving focus, building strong immune system, toning muscles, controlling hormones to helping to catch better sleep, exercising brings incredible benefits to teenagers both in terms of physical and mental fitness.

If you are a teenager, or you have a teen at home, read on to know why you should be exercising often.

To Maintain Weight:

Obesity is one of the major problems faced by teenagers these days. Being heavy brings down confidence and it makes any teenager cautious about appearance. Regular walks, jogging for at least 2 kilometers daily will help you shed that extra weight. Exercise also helps body burn all the fat and help in maintaining normal weight. Walking daily for around 9 months will help you lose 10 kilograms.

For Stronger Muscles:

Teenage is the best time to build stronger muscles for a better health at a later stage in life. If your muscles are stronger, muscle tissue functions actively by helping you burn more calories. Studies reveal that with every 0.45 grams of muscle you gain, you can burn around 40 more calories per day. However, girls need to work out a lot more than boys as they lack in muscle mass.

For Better Skin Tone:

Clear, glowing skin is what all teenagers wish for and exercising helps you achieve this easily. Regular workouts boost blood circulation, flush out toxins, provide nutrients to the body. As exercise boosts oxygen supply, it increases the production of collagen that provides glow to the skin.

To Beat Stress:

These days teenagers are multitaskers, as they must focus on studies, extracurricular activities in order to live successfully in the mad world of competition. Working out regularly reduces stress hormones, slows down heart rate, lowers blood pressure and muscle tension.

For Stronger Bones:

Good, strong bones in teenage mean great health as you age.  Running, jogging and even dancing help in building bone mass and keep muscles stronger. Make sure to increase calcium content that is available in dairy products, nuts, legumes for good energy levels.