Tagara or Valerian Wallichi is a hairy perennial herb that has been used widely in traditional medicines for ages, owing to its incredible medicinal and therapeutic properties. It is a kind of valerian, known as Indian valerian, that belongs to the Valerianeaceae family and holds an important place in the Ayurvedic manuscripts. Tagara grows up to 40-45cm in height in temperate regions of the Himalayas from Kashmir to Bhutan. The leaves are pinnate bearing unisexual flowers that are white or slightly pinkish in colour. There are mainly two varieties of tagara -Nighantus Tagara and Pinda Tagara.

Tagara is known by other vernacular names such as Tagar Ganthoda in Gujarati, Mushkabala in Kannada, Tagarai in Tamil, Tagaramool in Marathi, and Sugandha Bala in Punjabi.
Tagara flower

According to the sage Charka, Tagara has been categorised as sitaprasamana, which eases the cold sensation of the skin. The root comprises valerianic acid and valepotriates that possess sedative and tranquillizer activity, which is beneficial for relieving stress, anxiety, fatigue, and nervous disorders. The incredible sedative nature of valerian root induces a night of sound sleep, treats insomnia, calms the mind, and regulates blood pressure.

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Medicinal Properties of Tagara

Chaksusya- improves eye health and vision

Sirsa dosaghna- relieves the ailments of the head

Nootropic - boost cognitive health and brain power

Mutrajanan- diuretic and maintain electrolytes balance




Dipana- good appetizer

Hridaya-cardiotonic and boost heart health

Yakrduttejaka-hepatoprotective that enhance liver functions

Kaphaghna–mucolytic, relieves congestion

Shwashara-bronchodilator, improve lung health

Balya- tonic


Jwaragna- anti pyretic

Bhutapasmara nasan-a remedies episode of epilepsy attack

Ayurvedic Properties

Tagara formulations or churna is known to possess tikta (bitter taste), katu (pungent) and kasaya (astringent) properties. It is well known to pacify Vata and Kapha Dosha.
Tagara Capsules

Health Benefits

Promotes Sleep

Tagara is a proven natural cure for treating insomnia, exerts soporific action on the body and mind that improves the quality of sleep and reduces sleepless nights. This herbal root is one of the best alternative medicines for insomnia treatment, when combined with Jatamansi powder and Ashwagandha powder offer better results.

Potent Neuroprotective

Tagara rhizome extract is credited to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on the brain and enhances brain sustenance. It serves as an effective nerve tonic and lessens mental stress and exhaustion. This wonder herb prevents oxidative damage of brain cells and is valuable in easing neurodegeneration disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Tagara is known to possess antihypertensive and antispasmodic effects that help to lower blood pressure and alleviates muscle spasms. However, the potent hypotensive activity of Tagara appear with a high dose that is not safe, hence it is blended in some antihypertensive formulations as a supportive medicine.

Treats Asthma

The powerful extracts of Tagara relax and dilate the airways and enhance air passage into the lungs owing to its bronchodilatory activity. The right blend of Tagara root when combined with Pushkarmool and Kuth helps to mitigative the symptoms of asthma and breathe well.

Remedies Chronic Fever

As per the science of ayurvedic medicine, Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha become infected during an episode of chronic fever. Lethargy, apathy, fatigue, exhaustion, and debility are some of the common symptoms associated with fever. Tagara powder works incredibly well to combat chronic fever and lessen the symptoms. For the best result, it is taken along with Vasant Malti Ras.

How To Consume Tagara?

Tagara root is the common medicinal plant that is bestowed with health benefiting properties and used extensively in traditional medicine. It is readily available in capsule and tablet form

Therapeutic Dosage

 The dosage of tagara may vary from person to person depending upon the age, severity, and health condition. Always seek advice from a certified ayurvedic specialist for the right dosage.

Children: 10 mg per kg body weight

Adults: 250 to 500 mg

Twice daily and to be taken immediately after food.

Side Effects

Tagara powder in low dosage is safe for use for most people, especially in the case of long-term therapy. Some of the side effects include hypotension, hiccup, nausea, vomiting and light-headedness. These side effects are observed when a person take more than 2000mg of Tagara powder or 600 mg of its rhizome extract in a day. But the tolerated dosage can vary in different people based on their doshas, Kapha prakriti person can tolerate its maximum dosage, while pitta prakriti person can tolerate up to 500 mg twice daily.