For most women, there’s nothing better than relaxing after a hectic day by pampering your skin. It’s essential to follow a complete night care routine, as your skin cell regenerates in the evening, which is the prime time to pay attention to restoring tired skin cells. The most common factors that causes dull skin are poor lifestyle habits such as unhealthy eating practice, lack of proper skincare routine, improper sleep pattern and inadequate hydration. All of these habits can have a negative impact on your skin making it look dull and lifeless. Taking necessary steps each day may help you keep your skin in great shape and health. There are simple and effective ways through which your skin can get the right glow and radiance while you sleep.

Essential Night-Time Skincare Routine

Remove Makeup

Never forget to wash your face at night, as this may run chances of allowing bacteria and other particles from your makeup to seep into your eyes, which can lead to irritation, discomfort and eye infections.


This is a vital step but often ignored, getting rid of excess impurities and sebum from facial skin is critical for the next step of a basic skincare regimen to absorb and work well.

Using an oil cleanser is the easiest and mildest way to fade away all the base makeup from the face. Massage oil cleanser on dry skin and rinse it off thoroughly with water.

A water-based cleanser helps you to rinse off effectively and clear all dirt and grime from your skin. You can also use a natural hydrating cleanser with sugar and papaya extracts to brighten and revamp skin beauty.


The next step is to treat your skin with serum-based products or vitamin C rich natural extracts to heal all common skin woes.


Use a toner packed with antioxidants or humectants to naturally hydrate and nourish the skin cells and keep them supple.

Sleeping Mask

A night cream supports healing and repair the skin with active ingredients and nutrients overnight. Sleeping masks are also great options for all those busy ladies, as you can leave them on overnight.


This step helps to lock all the essential ingredients that you have applied on your skin while safeguarding your skin stays moisturised. It also makes the skin feels supple and glowing from deep within.

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The magic to getting glowing and radiant skin overnight is to do the right things before you go to bed. Foray this infographic to know about a simple night care routine to follow that make your skin glow from deep within.
5 simple night-time skincare regimen