If you are one of those who dreads travelling by car, doesn't enjoy the thought of going on a cruise, or hates air travel because it makes you uneasy, then read on.

A woman has motion sickness

Often referred as motion sickness, nausea while travelling is more common that you think. Surprisingly, there is no theory to explain why few people experience a lot of motion sickness while others don’t feel it at all.

Scientists believe that travelling causes mismatch between the signals that reach brain from different sensors in the body, especially muscles and the inner ear. These conflicting signals are responsible for inducing reactions such as sickness, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

Motion sickness is most commonly seen in children, pregnant women and those suffer from sudden migraine attacks. While many children outgrow with the age, few suffer from motion sickness even after growing up.

What Can You Do To Beat Motion Sickness:

Relax and Focus: Always be seated in a relaxed position and don’t tilt head on either side. If you are travelling by car, always sit in the front seat. While flying ask for a seat over the wing rather in the extreme front or back seats. Try and stare at some fixed object and do not try to read, listen to music or play video games. Catching a nap would be greatly beneficial in avoiding motion sickness.

Eat Less: Do not ever travel on full stomach. Avoid eating spicy, oily foods before travelling. Do not consume alcohol, caffeine. If possible, take breaks during the journey.

Natural Remedies: Chewing on raw or dry ginger, mint leaves work wonders in relieving travel sickness. Keep mint leaves, peppermint or tangy candies handy and chew on them for instant relief and to calm the stomach.

Breathing Exercises: Deep breathing exercises are the best way to beat motion sickness. Practice deep breathing exercises while feeling dizziness or nausea to experience instant relief. If possible, take breaks during the travel and enjoy some fresh air.

Over The Counter Medication: There are several over-the-counter medications that can provide instant relief. These medicines help easing out allergies and nausea. Take a pill to avoid motion sickness an hour before starting your travel. If you are travelling for longer hours, repeat the dose every 6 hours after talking to your doctor.