If you are one of those professionals riveted to the chairs and staring at the computer screen, you are not a stranger to that annoying strain on the eyes, often referred as Computer Vision Syndrome. Several studies reveal that around 50 to 90 per cent of those working in front of computer suffer from various bothersome symptoms ranging from fatigue, reduction in interest while working from eye twitching and red eyes. 

Man With Eye Strain

Here are simple tips that will relieve you from computer strain and prevent vision issues in the long run. 

Proper Lighting 

 One of the main reasons for excessive strain on your eyes is lack of proper lighting. It could be lighting from outside or even harsh interior one. Drape windows with curtains, shades or blinds to cut down on light rays from outside and for interior lighting with the help of fewer bulbs or fluorescent lighting. 

Cut Down on the Glare 

Glare on walls, reflections on the computer screen are quite annoying vision issues. An anti-glare screen on monitor helps. If you wear spectacles invest in anti-reflective (AR) coating. It reduces the glare by minimizing the amount of light reflecting on surface of lens. 

Adjust Display Settings 

Adjusting display settings of the computer monitor helps in reducing fatigue and strain on the eyes. The three factors an important role in display are brightness, text size and contrast and color temperature. 

Cut down on brightness of the display to match with the surrounding light. Adjust text size and contrast for comfort if working especially on longer documents. Reducing the colour temperature of the display as it lowers the amount of blue light emitted by a colour display for better viewing comfort. 

Blink Often 

 Ophthalmologists go by this simple rule to cut down excessive strain on your eyes. Blinking moistens your eyes by preventing dry eyes and irritation. If you are at the risk of dry eyes, keep blinking eyes for 10 minutes for every 20 minutes to reduce irritation. Talk to your doctor for ‘artificial tears’ for moistening the eyes. 

Take Breaks 

 Doctors also strongly suggest taking frequent breaks not only for computer vision syndrome but also to get rid of strain on neck, shoulder and back. According to a study conducted by NIOSH, those who take mini breaks of 5 minutes throughout their working day do not get significantly get affected by the CVS. 

It in turn increased the productivity as the employees could work without any vision issues. 

Get an Eye Test 

Last but not least if you are suffering from frequent vision issues, get a comprehensive eye test done by your ophthalmologist. Talk to your doctor about the required medication and preventive care for a better eye sight.