Have you been frequently experiencing itching and discomfort in one or more areas of the skin on your body? Then you most likely have what is called hives.

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Hives is a common skin condition that arises due to different reasons depending upon the severity of the disorder. It results in raised surfaces on the skin, that tends to be very irritating and reddened. Also Read: Skin Allergies: What You Need to Know

Depending upon the causative factors, hives, that is medically termed urticaria, is of four kinds:

Acute Urticaria:

This kind of skin condition is caused due to hypersensitivity to certain foods and medications. Other causes include insect bites and infections. Acute urticaria usually settles in about four to six weeks.

Chronic Urticaria And Angioedema:

As the name suggests, this type of urticaria is quite severe, lasting for a few months. It occurs due to underlying chronic diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, thyroid disorders. As chronic urticaria can spread to other internal organs in the body such as lungs and liver, it is advised to seek immediate medical care for the same.

Physical Urticaria:

This variant of hives is triggered by external factors such as pollutants, extreme sunlight, very cold weather and friction from rubbing against clothes. It is usually a minor skin ailment that can be remedied in a week or two.


This type of hives occurs as a result of constantly scratching the skin or rubbing hard against its surface. It is not very severe and can be easily controlled.

While it is always recommended to seek professional medical advice from a dermatologist to treat a serious instance of hives, there are some basic home remedies to treat a trivial instance of hives at home, to ease irritation and soothe skin.

Natural remedies for hives

Natural Remedies For Hives: 

Apply A Cold Compress

The icy temperature of water or ice works wonders in calming aggravated skin. Simply dip a cloth or towel in chilled water and apply on portions of skin affected by hives.

Use An Oatmeal Scrub

The host of anti-inflammatory components in oatmeal makes it a superb moisturizing and soothing scrub for the skin. Take a shower every morning in lukewarm water and gently scrub the regions of skin with hives infections with an oatmeal soap bar or scrub with baking soda, to pacify inflamed skin. Also Read: 5 Amazing Ways Oatmeal Based Products Revamp Skin Health

Dab On Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel contains vast reserves of valuable antimicrobial compounds, besides being a natural hydrating agent. Applying a generous layer of aloe vera gel at night before bedtime effectively cures redness and irritation experienced in hives.

Avoid Consuming Allergic Medicines

Quite often, while regularly consuming strong prescription drugs for conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart ailments, certain additives in them could trigger hives in the skin. Consult your doctor and request an alternative medicine so as to prevent more intense hives from occurring in the future.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

In many cases, people with sensitive skin tend to get hives when wearing leather, wool or certain other materials that persistently rub against their skin. Identify which materials could be triggering the hives and make it a point to don breathable attire in cotton or other light, hypoallergenic materials.