While donning pretty long earrings, elegant ornamental bracelets or sleek chic watches made from silver is a well-known style trend for women of all ages, a surprising fact is that this glossy metal is also a beneficial beauty ingredient. And much like how silver in jewellery and accessories is an everlasting fashion fad, the use of the metallic element in skincare too is a time-tested custom, being practised for the past several centuries. Yes indeed, silver, akin to other precious metals of gold, pearl, silver too has been touted for its powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing antiseptic properties since ancient times.

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Silver applied to woman's face

Creams containing silver residues were used by historic royal kingdoms, to effectively treat infections, acne, signs of ageing, owing to its antimicrobial characteristics, repair skin injuries thanks to the wound-healing attributes and thereby attain gorgeous glowing skin. Moreover, the inherent cooling nature of silver is highly advantageous for pacifying itching, redness and many other discomforting signs that invariably tend to occur in a host of skin woes. Nowadays, the metal is primarily incorporated into moisturizers, serums, eye masks, facial kits and body soaps, in the form of colloidal silver i.e. small silver pieces suspended in water, which is biocompatible and safe for use on the skin. Colloidal silver is generally in a very minuscule size of nanoparticles and integrated into skincare products in the purest state.

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Read on, to discover the astonishing benefits of silver in skincare products for healthy youthful blemish-free skin.

Brilliant Beauty Incentives Of Silver For Soft Clear Skin:

Treats Acne And Pimples

Bestowed with brilliant anti-inflammatory qualities, face washes and body soaps containing silver derivatives significantly reduce swelling and reddening on the areas of skin affected by different types of acne breakouts - blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and zits. In addition, the emollient and calming properties of silver lock in moisture, mollify agitated portions on the skin, besides controlling sebum/oil secretions and tightening pores.

Reverses The Age Clock

Colloidal silver is imbued with antioxidant features that eliminate harmful free radicals and toxins from the surface of the skin. In this manner, all signs of ageing including creases, fine lines, wrinkles gradually fade away. Using eye masks, facial kits infused with metallic silver extracts are effective in banishing dark circles, furrows and folds, to supply tremendous anti-ageing benefits and reveal bright, younger-looking skin.

Mends Tissue Injuries

Silver, famed for its antibacterial and wound-healing properties since time immemorial, is widely utilised as a topical therapeutic aid to treat various forms of skin damage. Furthermore, its potent antioxidant qualities shield the skin from undergoing extensive cellular DNA damage. Applying some lotions or gels infused with silver extracts accelerates tissue repair processes and helps to subdue blisters, ulcers, burns, sores and boils on the skin.

Stimulates Collagen Synthesis

Colloidal silver confers excellent merits for vanquishing dry, dull, lifeless skin and bequeathing a smooth, luminous, crystal clear complexion, by bolstering the production of collagen protein by the dermal cells. Collagen is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity by enabling smooth cell turnover and replenishing the skin’s surface with a new layer of cells. Dabbing on a bit of serum comprising silver residues works wonders in revitalising skin texture, eliminating sagging, lacklustre, drooping regions, to deliver hydrated, plump, soft skin.

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Remedies Skin Infections

Blessed with the goodness of antimicrobial agents, as well as natural conditioning qualities, colloidal silver is very beneficial in suppressing irritation and inflammation in skin infections and chronic conditions of rosacea, eczema. Applying a uniform layer of moisturiser containing silver residues onto aggravated skin after cleansing and patting dry quells peeling, dryness, flaking, provides intense hydration and nourishes the skin.