Shankh Bhasma is an Ayurvedic formulation made from a conch shell. Ayurveda strongly recommends shank bhasma for treating the doshas or imbalances that are related to vata and pitta. It is widely used as a traditional medicine for treating various types of digestive disorders like gastritis, abdominal pain and malabsorption syndrome. It is derived from the powder of a conch shell through the process of calcination.
Shankh Bhasma

What Is Shankh?

It is a soft organism that survives inside the dense calcareous shell or conch. Shankh is called as Indian Conch and it is available in two types one is Vama Varta (opening of the shankh is on the left-side) and Daksin Varta (opening of the shank is on the right side). Vam varta is the shankh used extensively for medicinal purposes.

Conch shell is Shankha in Sanskrit, shankh in Hindi, shankha in Kannada and Shankham in Malayalam and Telugu.



Purified Conch Shell

Aloe Vera or lemon juice


Shanka is ground into a powder form by adding Aloe Vera or lemon juice and blend into a disc shaped cube. It is then dried in the absence of oxygen for 800-900* C and allowed to cool down. This method is repeated twice to obtain Shanka Bhashma.

Healing Medicinal Properties

This amazing bhasma possesses a broad spectrum of healing medicinal properties. It serves as an antacid, stool binding agent, anti-diarrhoeal, appetite stimulant, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antiemetic properties.

Ayurvedic Properties

As per Ayurveda shankha bhasma pacifies the irregularities related to Kapha and Vata but in addition it also acts as a natural alkalizer which counteracts the hydrochloric acid secretion and eases acidity. Improper digestion leads to accumulation of toxins in the system called AMA, shanka bashma aids in clearing out the toxins and detoxifying the gut.


The recommended dosage is 250 mg capsules once or twice daily before or after food. Traditionally, it is consumed as a powder mixed with honey, lemon juice or along with triphala Kashaya.

Healing Benefits

Treats Diarrhoea

Shanka bhasma is an effective formulation for curing severe diarrhoea. It is generally given in severe cases when the patients have passed motion more than six times with abdominal cramping and flatulence. The strong antidiarrheal and antispasmodic effect of shanka bhasma help in treating severe diarrhoea.

Cures Acidity

Shanka bhasma is a great acid neutralizer that helps in lowering hyperacid secretion in the stomach and aids in balancing the acid production. It can get rid of AMA toxins which help in easing indigestion problems. Furthermore, shanka bhasma is also beneficial in treating various other digestive issues - abdominal distention, flatulence, nausea and burning sensation in the mouth.

Anti-Spasmodic Effect

The strong antispasmodic effect of shanka bhasma on abdominal muscles aids in lowering muscle spasm. In addition, shanka bhasma functions in treating abdominal cramping associated with dysmenorrhea.

Prevents Bloating And Flatulence

Owing to the presence of bioactive components like aloe vera and lemon juice, this digestive powder holds high significance in reducing flatulence, intestinal gas, bloating and abdominal heaviness.

Relieves IBS

IBS also known as Grahani in Sanskrit is mostly caused due to unhealthy dietary choices, excessive intake of food particles which are difficult to digest, intake of foods that cause allergy, or the ones that are low on nutrients, and other physical and mental factors. It can cause both diarrhoea and constipation. Being a potent antacid, Shankha Bhasma makes for an ultimate choice for treating this painful disease.

Remedies Liver Anomalies

Deemed as ‘sarva roga niramani’, and imbued with anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective properties, Shankha Bhasma hold high significance in offering a magical remedy for jaundice, in which the liver gets mostly effected. This herbo-mineral formulation offers support to the liver functioning by secreting bile which in turn helps the liver enzymes to come down to normal levels. It also cleanses and detoxifies the liver and improves liver functioning.

Side Effects

Shanka bhasma is not safe to be taken as powder form, without mixing it with honey or any other agent as it can lead to fissure. Shanka bhasma is not advisable for pregnant and lactating women.