Sciatica is a painful condition that occurs due to irritation in the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is the largest nerve in the body that extends from the lower back through the back of thighs and the knees.Man with Sciatica Pain

Sciatic injury also occurs in the lower pelvic cavity, inferior portion of the buttock and the posterior upper thigh region, buttock region, and hamstring muscles. Primarily, sciatica occurs due to irritation in lower lumbar regions of the spine.

However, spondylitis, pregnancy, muscle spasm, disc degeneration, and lumbar spinal stenosis are the common causes of sciatica pain. Ageing, obesity, prolonged sitting work, sedentary lifestyles, diabetes are also among the risk factors associated with sciatica pain.

Occupational risk factors causing sciatica to have also been reported due to mental stress, cigarette smoking, and exposure to vibration from vehicles.

Signs And Symptoms:

Pain in lower back or rear of the leg, especially in sitting position

Pain in hips

Inflammation or tingling in the lower part of leg


Difficulty in walking

Shooting pain causing difficulty to stand

Constant pain on one rear side of the leg or lower back.

In some cases, the pain is severe and can even get worse. Therefore, it is recommended to take immediate medical aid if you feel numbness in lower body parts.

Doctors and specialists use needle electromyography (EMG), physical tests, and nerve conduction tests to identify the location and the severity of the tests. Physical and alternative therapies are prescribed by physicians.

In severe cases, surgery is recommended. However, exercise and yoga under supervision are the advisable treatment plans.