Rose water is undeniably a beauty magic potion that delivers you with a magnitude of skin and beauty benefits. It finds a place in every Indian household in various avatars as a beauty element, as aromatic water in rituals or as a flavourful essence in desserts. Rose water suits well for all types of skin, be it oily, dry, and sensitive or combination skin. It is famed as a secret beauty weapon for women since ages.

Well, the usage of rose water dates back to early Egypt, when beauty queen Cleopatra used this natural product in her beauty care regimen. Rose water is obtained by distilling rose petals in steam. This aromatic water is well-known for its incredible rejuvenating, soothing and calming characteristics. Rose water works well as an excellent mood enhancer that helps in alleviating anxiety and get a sound sleep.

Rose water extract has been largely used in a spectrum of beauty care products like lotions, creams, moisturiser to name a few. While purchasing rose water, ensure that you buy only 100% distilled water of roses sans the chemical. The by-product of rose oil is used as a key ingredient in skincare products.

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Rose water is gentle and supports the maintenance of pH balance in the skin. The powerful astringent and antiseptic properties of rose water helps to clear clogged pores and heal acne, pimples and blackheads. Furthermore, strong anti-inflammatory properties aid to soothe skin woes like eczema and rosacea. Rose imbued with a high content of phenolic compounds and vitamin makes it a great natural remedy for enhancing overall skin health and also treating hair problems.

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Rose water for a glowing skin - infographic