Ringworm is a fungal infection that occurs on the top layer of the skin, caused by moulds living on the cells of the skin outer layer. It is generally characterized by a red rash which is often circular in structure.

Itching Caused By Ringworm

 It may occur in any part of the body but mainly reported in underarms, genital regions, and neck and the shoulder portion. When you get it between toes it is called athlete’s foot and if it spreads to groin it known as jock itch.

 Ringworm infection is contagious in nature and easily spreads on contact but not life-threatening. Sharing of clothes, beds, and towels with an infected person should be avoided. Lack of cleanliness and excessive sweating also causes ringworm infection.

 Signs And Symptoms

  • Reddishness of skin,
  • Increased and irresistible itchiness,
  • Circular patch formation,
  • Over itching may cause bleeding, and
  • Scaly skin formation.

Diagnosis And Treatment

The physician might diagnose ringworm simply by looking at it. If the physician is unable to diagnosis it clearly, he or she would scrape some skin from the area affected and send it for microscopic examination.

Treatment involves administration of over the counter antifungal medications such as creams or lotions and powder that can be applied to the affected areas of the skin. If the infection worsens the individual must visit a doctor.