May 28 is observed as Menstrual Hygiene Day. Menstruation is a routine biological process in women’s body, which signals reproductive health. Following these hygiene tips during the menstrual cycle will not only make the periods easier but also protect from infections.

Girl taking sanitary napkin from handbag

1. Change the sanitation regularly: Once the menstrual blood comes out of body, it becomes contaminated with various organisms causing infections and rashes. Therefore, it is essential to change the sanitary method in every 4-6 hours.

2. Proper washing: It is necessary to wash the vagina and hands every time after urination or changing sanitation. The menstrual blood can enter into tiny spaces and causes infections. It is important to follow the right washing technique, which is from vaginal region to anal region. Washing in opposite direction can bring the bacteria from anal region into vaginal region leading to infections.

3. Avoiding soaps and vaginal hygiene products: The artificial hygiene products can hamper the natural cleaning mechanism of the vagina during menstrual cycle. This can lead to growth of bacteria and infections.

4. Removal of sanitary products: It is vital to discard the sanitary product properly so that the bacteria and other micro organisms do not spread; wrapping it well before throwing it away helps to keep the infections contained.