Yoga is an ancient and traditional form of exercise that will not only improve strength and endurance but enhance the overall quality of life. The asanas in yoga focus on mental and physical well-being and also allows one to achieve relaxation and serenity.

Prenatal Yogasanas

Pregnancy is the most blissful and one of the happiest moments of a woman’s life. But for most of the women out there, the hormonal changes during the nine months involve battling mood swings, suffering from mental and physical fatigue, sickness, breathing problems, and debilitating leg cramps. Exercising and staying active is very important even during pregnancy to ease up the body and prevent complications and thanks to yoga asanas which provide a spiritual and natural pathway to achieve a healthy body and relaxed mind. Also Read: Safe Workout, Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women

The various postures in yoga asanas are highly beneficial for an expecting mom as it keeps the bone healthy, tones muscles for better blood circulation calm the nervous system, provides balance to the body, keeps the skin supple, relieves tension and prepares for labor and delivery. Also Checkout: Guide To Safe Motherhood: Infographic

Positions and exercises practised during the three trimesters of pregnancy differ with every phase. This article brings out five power-packed yoga postures to ease up pregnancy, strengthen the pelvic muscles which in turn help enhance the womb space for the healthy growth of the baby.

5 Amazing Yogasanas During Pregnancy

1.    Bhadrasana (Butterfly pose):

Sit on the mat with legs fully stretched. Keeping the legs in contact with the mat, form 'Namaste' with your feet, touching each other. -Sit straight, without leaning forward. Place your hands on knees or ankle. Hold the posture for some time until you feel comfortable. Straighten your legs, relax for a minute and repeat again.


It strengthens the pelvic region, improves flexibility in the groin and hip region, stretches the thighs and knees and reduces pain.

2.    Trikonasana (Triangle Pose):

Stand straight while keeping your feet joined. Rest your hands on either side of the body. Slowly spread your legs apart. Lift your right hand up. Take a deep breath and bend towards your left and balance by keeping the left palm on the floor. Tilt your head upwards and fix your gaze on the right-hand fingertips and count up to 20. Repeat the posture while bending towards right. Take 1 minute of rest and continue the entire posture for two more times.


It reduces back pain and stress, improves digestive function during pregnancy and enhances hip flexibility.

3.    Marjariasana (Cat Pose/Cow Pose):

Bend on your knees and keep your head straight. Inhale deeply and lift your chin while pushing back your head a bit. Keep your buttocks firm and hold the posture for 30 seconds or as long as comfortable, while breathing deeply. Breathe out and bring your chin close to your chest. Relax your buttocks and arch the back as much as comfortably possible. Hold for some time and repeat the posture for 3 more times.


This is beneficial in the third trimester. It improves blood circulation, stretches the back and shoulders, making the spine flexible.

4.    Parvatasana (Mountain Pose):

Sit erect and while you inhale. Raise your arms and join your palms in the 'Namaste' position. Keep your elbows straight. Place your hands near to your ears. Hold the posture for a few seconds and come back to the normal position again. Repeat for 3 to 5 times.


It improves body posture, relieves from back and neck pain and increases the flexibility of the hip.

5.    Shavasana (Corpse Pose):

Lie down on your back and close your eyes. Relax your body and mind. and think happy peaceful thoughts. Take your time while you do this. Breathe normally and do not hold your breath. After some time, stand up.


This yogasana cools the body, calms the mind and marks the end of the yoga session. Practice this after every asana to allow the body to relax in between the asanas.

Safety Measures:

Although yoga is highly beneficial for the entirety of nine months and pivotal for the mother and baby, it is strictly advised to get a medical opinion before starting pre-pregnancy yoga to understand which yogasana to practice during the particular stage of pregnancy. It is also advised to learn the correct postures of the asanas from a trained yoga instructor to avoid problems and have a happy and safe pregnancy.