While Navratri might have come to an end, there are still a few festivities lined up, and as usual one needs to look their best for the upcoming celebrations. But what about those tiny little bumps on your forehead, a little stretch of parched skin right under your eyes or your lips that feel intensely dry?

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Well, it is your skin’s way of complaining about all those layers of makeup and improper skincare routine that you adapted for the festival days. Additionally, gorging on oily gourmet meals, delicious festival sweets and street-side oily snacks might have tingled your taste buds at that moment but that’s not the case for your tummy and your skin.

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So, to get back on track with your skincare routine after a 10-day dance, family gatherings and binge-eating splurge, it’s time to chalk out a list of skincare essentials to make amends for all the neglect towards your skin during the festival days. With Diwali just over two weeks away, a detox regimen for your skin becomes all the more essential for gearing up for the next festival and flaunting spotless, radiant skin. Cue in, Essential Oils, an answer to all your skin woes and an effective skin-detox tool.

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Be it for massages or baths or simply applied onto the skin by diluting with a carrier oil, these highly concentrated plant-based essences permeate the skin effortlessly and enter the bloodstream rapidly making them highly beneficial.

Essential oils can help boost a festive time detox, offering the skin some much-needed TLC, and cleansing the entire body by helping eliminate toxins.

All you need is a drop or two and you are all set for a post-festive detox. Here is a list of essential oils that comes with a warranty to bestow you with flawless, glossy skin naturally.

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