Hair colouring is one of most crucial things that contributes to your overall personality, so make sure you are doing it right. Christophe Robin, Colorist Expert from L’Oréal Paris, a brand that has introducing Excellence Fashion Highlights –

Hair Colour Do It Right

 A Do It Yourself (DIY) hair colouring kit, shared his coolest hacks and techniques to ace it at home:

*One of the coolest highlighting hacks is the 'sun kiss': A natural result of highlighting, when it seems like the sun has been playing with your balayage. In general, it is better to have a smooth and light result on the roots and a stronger highlight on the lengths

* The best highlighting technique is doing hair painting with a brush

*An ideal hair care regimen to maintain highlights would include deeply taken care of your coloured hair so that it remains shiny and radiant. Use a colour protect shampoo for long lasting colour. Many women do not have time to apply a mask. On the day of the shampoo, apply the mask. Like that, the product will have time to penetrate the hair. Always deeply rinse off the shampoos and care treatment so that the residues on the scalp do not prevent it from breathing

*For the shine and longevity of hair colour, use a small amount of vinegar diluted in a bowl of fresh water. Then apply it as the last rinse. Vinegar is a powerful anti-bacterial active ingredient that will keep your hair clean longer. Its acid PH enrobes the hair fiber preventing color fading and boosting brilliance

Melroy Dickson, General Manager - Education, MATRIX India- brand that has introduced the Color Melting –

 The Berry Edition in India inspired by decadent chocolate and vibrant berries, also lists some trends.

*Hair colour is the new make-up! Both hairdressers and consumers are always on the lookout for new ways of highlighting hair.

*Just like how you use make up to enhance your facial features, hair colour can also be used cleverly to complement and enhance your overall appearance

*With this Color Melting technique, colours blend into each other so seamlessly that one can't tell when one colour ends and the other begins. It's natural and beautiful. It's something that Indian skin tones will be able to carry off very well!

*The melting effect ensures that there is no line of demarcation, making it look completely natural. Whether it's loud and vibrant or subtle and soft, color melting is all about combining two or more colours with that flawless melted effect. (IANS)