When was the last time you peddled your way to being fit and happy? If you are one of those bogged down by sedentary lifestyle and not very keen on sweating it out in the gym, invest in a bicycle. 

Cycling with family

Cycling is back with a bang and is gaining popularity among the fitness enthusiasts and others alike. And boy, how stylish these humble non-motor, no-gas two-wheelers have become? They come with gears, shiny accessories to hold your water bottles, mud guards, slim and sleek, yet strong enough to make you fit and feel better. 

What’s more, with many cities in India now earmarking bike lanes cycling is gaining popularity and it’s time to join a cycling club to shed those extra calories. 

Cycling offers several health benefits besides making you feel liberated from stress, hectic lifestyle and annoying traffic jams. This low intensity workout is being widely recommended by the doctors, fitness gurus for larger benefits that would positively impact your health and lifestyle. 

Why Should You Cycle? 

1. It is a low impact exercise which puts the body under very little strain but provides major muscle workout. 

2. It is easy to learn and master it in no time and increases core strength and stamina of the muscles. 

3. As you peddle, you can increase its intensity depending on your stamina. 

4. Studies reveal that cycling for 2 to 4 hours every week will show a considerable impact on health. 

5. It is a great way to bond with your friends and family and an inexpensive weekend activity. 

How Does it Impact Health? 

Cycling is an aerobic activity, it is an eclectic mix making your heart, blood vessels and lungs to work out at the same time. Intense cycling causes deep breathing and perspiration which in turn increases body temperature but ultimately improves fitness levels. 

It increases mobility in the muscles, joints, improves cardiovascular fitness, improves posture and coordination, decreases body fat and has a great impact on those suffering from anxiety and depression. 

Handles Obesity:  Cycling is one of the most recommended exercises to shed that extra weight and increases metabolic activity by building muscles and burning fat. According to studies, cycling for a week helps in burning around 2,000 calories and half-hour of ride everyday will burn five kilograms of fat over a period of one year. 

Keeps Heart Healthy: Regular cycling helps in better functioning of the heart, lungs and improves blood circulation ultimately reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It not only strengthens the muscles of your heart, lowers the resting pulse. 

Cycling and Cancer: Oncologists recommend taking up cycling to prevent the risk of cancer, especially colon and breast cancer. Cancer patients on the path to recovery are encouraged to slowly take up cycling for gaining confidence. 

For Diabetics: Lack of physical activity is one of the main reasons behind developing type 2 diabetes and regular cycling can keep a check on that. As per a study conducted in Finland, people who cycled for more than 30 minutes a day had 40 per cent lower risk of developing this lifestyle condition. 

Beats Depression: Regular cycling helps in beating depression, anxiety and keeps stress levels under control. The joy of cycling is unparalleled as it boosts confidence, boosts happy hormones and keeps away bad mood.