Culinary benefits of flowers have been known to mankind for the longest time. Dating back to the Roman era, be it in Chinese, Indian or Middle Eastern cultures, the use of flowers in cuisine has been cherished in abundance. Enchanting bunch of fresh blooms are not only a beholder’s delight or decor of a porcelain vase, a variety of these flowers also known as ‘edible flowers’ are imbued with bioactive components, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. One such amazing flower is the Pansy flower also called Wild Pansy, Heartsease, Johnny Jump Up or Viola Tricolour. This ornamental cool-weather flower is replete with myriad health benefits besides also having a long history of use in herbal and folk medicine for treating several ailments like epilepsy, skin diseases and respiratory problems.

A purifying herb, pansies contain powerful plant compounds that possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These short-lived perennials that bloom in more than sixteen different hues also contain flavonoids such as quercetin, luteolin and rutin which offer numerous antioxidants, microglia inhibition and neuroprotection benefits.

Available at all major flower markets or in grocery stores, pansy flower offers a unique burst of flavour and colour to many dishes such as salads, sauces, beverages, and starters. Try using these beautiful blossoms on top of a cake, bake them into your favourite cookies, savour them in your salads or just let them rest into your bouquet, well there is no dearth where all you can fit this fragrant blossom in.

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Health Incentives Of Pansies

  • The potent antimicrobial action of pansy flower oil is valuable in healing injuries and infections
  • Pansies can be easily whisked into homemade beauty products such as handmade soaps, clay masks, skin creams and face packs
  • Rich in anti-allergen and mucilaginous properties, pansies are beneficial for easing common cold and flu
  • Potential sore throat soothing properties aid in relieving throat irritation and cough
  • Pansies contain salicylic acid which makes this flower a popular astringent. It can either be used as a mask or can be sprayed all over the face as mist to soothe irritated and dry skin

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5 Healing Benefits Of Pansy