Oats is a popular choice of breakfast foods for many us, thanks to its health benefits. But, do you know that all oats are not the same and there are different varieties to this gluten-free whole grain?


Oats are loaded with manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorous, iron, zinc and B vitamins. However, the trick in deriving maximum benefits lies in choosing the right variety, as they are all processed differently.

In this article, learn about the varieties and how to choose right type of oats.

Whole Groat Oats

Whole groat oat is one of the most protein loaded oats providing 8 grams protein for ½ cup. Groats are the whole kernel with the hull removed that has a characteristic nutty, chewy texture and take a longer time to cook. Groat oats delay the gastric emptying time, keep you satiated, by preventing the spike in blood sugar levels.

Steel Cut Oats

Steel cut oats also known as Irish oats, are made when whole groat oats are cut with a sharp blade. Steel cut oats are chewy and dense in nutrients. Steel cut kernels are power food loaded with protein, both soluble and insoluble fibre, essential B vitamins and iron that provides you with a host of health benefits. Low in glycemic index, steel cut oats help in stabilizing blood sugar. The goodness of fibre keeps the cholesterol levels under normal, these are also one good source of complete protein making it a preferred choice for weight loss.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are the popularly used ones and versatile of all the varieties. Whole groat oats are steamed, softened and pressed between rollers and dried up to get rolled oats. Rolled oats are partially cooked during steaming and absorb more water, easier to cook than whole groat oats and steel cut oats. Rolled oats also have an array of nutrients similar to steel cut oats.

Instant Oats

Instant oats are pressed super thin, steamed longer, and dehydrated, which makes it easy to cook in a jiffy. As it is processed thoroughly it loses most of the nutrients.

Go for the oats that would meet your health and nutrient needs at your breakfast table.  


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