The modern-day lifestyle is basically full of hectic schedules and competition in every sector. And the only way to come out successful and reach the zenith in every aspect of life is to possess outstanding intellectual abilities, excellent memory skills and cognitive functioning. This is the reason, throughout the childhood, you might have noticed your parents feeding you foods and brain tonics to hone your cognitive functioning skills. Be it for improving focus and concentration, enhancing memory or protecting the brain from decline, people are always on the lookout for home remedies and herbal cures and trust when we say Nootropics are your ultimate answer.

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So, What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are herbs or nutraceutical agents that actively help in improving memory, concentration, focus, intelligence, creativity, and learning skills while mitigating and protecting against cognitive degeneration. Also termed as Medhya Rasayana, in Ayurveda, these herbs supplement the brain with essential nutrients and extensively helps improve the power of remembrance, retention, and acquisition.

The ayurvedic term Medhya Rasayana has been derived from two ayurvedic words, ‘Medhya’ which symbolizes ‘intellect or cognitive power’ and ‘Rasayana’ which denotes ‘curative or rejuvenative ability’. Apart from boosting the brain functions, these herbs categorized under nootropics help in diminishing stress, calming the mind and improving the skills of rational thinking and reasoning. Additionally, it also helps to mitigate forgetfulness by boosting memory and enhancing retention span.

What Herbs Are Categorized Under Nootropics?

Well, Mother Nature has blessed us with a wide quarry of foods, herbs, spices etc., that actively help in boosting cognitive abilities. But according to ancient Ayurvedic scriptures noted by the famous physician and sage Acharya Charaka, Medhya Rasayana consists of 4 typically powerful herbs which have a wide-range of curative properties. These include Mandukparni, Sankhapushpi, Guduchi and Yasthimadhu. He even considers another potent brain-boosting herb Brahmi under the top 5 ayurvedic nootropic herb category. However, other ancient ayurvedic scriptures like that of Susruta Samhita written by Acharya Susruta, includes herbs like Kushmanda, Vacha, Jyotishmati, Chitrak, and Jatamansi under the moderately potent nootropic herb category. This list also includes herbo-mineral formulations like Mukta Pishti and Swarna Bhasma to have powerful memory-enhancing properties.

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How To Take These Nootropics?

Well, there are many ways to include them in your diet and with growing innovations in the ayurvedic industry, these incredible herbs are easily available in consumable forms like juices, powders, pastes, tablets and capsules. But most ayurvedic physicians and doctors suggest the use of an adjuvant like honey, milk, or just plain water to ease the intake of these herbs and also recommend them to be taken 2-3 times a day, preferable 2 hours before meals or as prescribed according to the specific condition.

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Spectacular Nootropics Herbs