Mustard seed is a must-have and popular condiment that enhances the flavour and spice of food, and a staple in Indian kitchens.

Mustard Benefits

Almost 40 varieties of mustard seeds are available across the globe, among them 3 are the most common ones - black, brown and white mustard.

Black and brown mustard are the most pungent ones, while the white mustard is mild. The aroma of the mustard seed is released when they are crushed or seasoned. Mustard seeds give a unique smoky, nutty flavour to our traditional curries, dishes and mustard oil is widely used as cooking oil in North and North Eastern states of India.

Nutritional Facts 

Mustard seeds come with a wallop of nutrients that include- vitamin A, B6, C and folate, minerals like potassium, magnesium, selenium, manganese, phosphorus and copper, rich in omega 3 fatty acids and powerhouse of anti-cancer compounds such as glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, and sinigrin. The rich nutrient profile of mustard seeds is beneficial in preventing cancer, reducing the risk of heart diseases, controlling blood sugars and in fighting infections.

Top Health Benefits Of Mustard Seeds

Prevents Cancer

The abundance of anti-cancer compound glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, and sinigrin in mustards seeds are proven to reduce the cancer risk by preventing cancer cell growth and defending the body against cancer cell formation.

Treats Rheumatic Arthritis

Mustard seeds can work wonders in easing the symptoms of rheumatic arthritis. The presence of good amounts of selenium and magnesium in mustard seeds function as a potent anti-inflammatory agent that detoxifies the body. As per Ayurvedic medicine, the heat generating property of mustard seeds soothe the muscles to loosen up and provides relief from pain.

Improves The Respiratory Health

Mustard seeds are beneficial in treating various respiratory issues such as asthma. The strong anti-inflammatory properties and richness of selenium and magnesium in mustard seeds ease to soothe the respiratory system and in fighting asthma. It also aids in treating chest congestion and cold.

Digestive Health

One of the most potent unique functions of mustard seeds is that rich in mucilage and filled up with fibre mustard seeds can effectively improve the bowel movements and relieve the symptoms of constipation. It also enhances the production of saliva that allows them to combat gastrointestinal issues.

Improve The Skin Health

The goodness of Sulphur compound in mustard seeds are very effective in fighting common fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. Mustard seeds are an effective remedy in treating acne and other common skin infections. In addition, the flavonoids in mustard seeds work wonders in reducing the wrinkles and slows down ageing.