September 1 - 7 is observed as a National Nutrition Week in India. Here we bring you a very comprehensive diet plan loaded with all nutrients for your little ones. This diet plan factors in the needs of fussy eaters as well, so go ahead and give it a shot. We’re sure this will keep your kids asking or more!

The Perfect 5-Day Meal Plan For Kids

A balanced diet is a quintessential component for the overall growth and development of a child. A wholesome diet should comprise vital vitamins, minerals and other nutritional goodies in the right amounts for the body to function properly.

Most parents are aware that nutrition plays a crucial role in the well-being of children, but only a few realize that the lasting importance of cultivating healthy eating habits right from a very young age. Several researches prove that imparting an early appreciation for balanced diet offers perks for a lifetime.

The idea is to strike a balance between giving kids an interesting variety of food with nutrients in the right quantities to help maintain a healthy body weight. The diet should cover whole grain cereals, the main source of energy, fibre, and essential vitamins.


A Healthy Meal Plan For Children Age 7-9 years

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Early Morning

Milk 1 glass

Milk 1 glass

Milk 1 glass

Milk 1 glass

Milk 1 glass

Break Fast

Vegetable Omelette with Whole grain bread 1-2 slices

Idly 2-3

Sambhar ½ cup

Dhokla 2-3 pieces

Vegetable Poha 1 cup

Egg and cheese roti roll 1-2

Mid -Morning

Apple 1

Mixed dry fruits 15

Fruit and veg salad

Yoghurt with strawberry topped

Mixed fruit salad


Roti 2 with mixed veg curry

Bisibelebath 1 cup

Potato fry

Dal Chawal 1 cup

Carrot, cucumber salad


Paneer roll 2

Papaya, cucumber salad

Veg Pulao 1 cup

Curd raita


Multigrain cereal with milk ½ bowl

Boiled Legumes ½ cup

Nutty balls 2

Whole wheat bread veg sandwich 1

Vada 2


Dalia khichdi 1 cup

Veg Dosa 2

Coconut chutney ½ cup

Roti 2

Channa masala

Idiyappam 3

Veg Kurma

Dal Rice 1 cup

Mixed veg dry


Milk 1 glass

Milk 1 glass

Milk 1 glass

Milk 1 glass

Milk 1 glass


The above meal plan adds colour to a child’s diet at least three-four servings in a day comes from the unlimited sources of veggies and fruits. They are the powerhouse of nutrients which are low in calories, high in fibre, and provide the much-needed vitamins and minerals that are potent for growth and development.

It also includes protein-rich foods from a variety of sources including eggs, fish, chicken, meat and legumes are important to keep up the growth and repair of muscles.

Dairy products are another unavoidable source of complete protein, calorie, vitamin and minerals that should be a part of a healthy meal plan. It includes milk, curd, yogurt, paneer, and cheese. They are the chief sources of calcium that maintains their bones strong and healthy.

Try to keep the children diet devoid of foods with empty calories, full of fat, salt, and excess sugary stuff.