The summer is now at its peak causing dryness, skin problems, digestive and all other health problems related to hot weather. However, thanks to Mother Nature few super foods help us in reducing the body heat, keeping us hydrated and stimulate the process of digestion.

One such summer popular fruit in demand during summer on par with mangoes and watermelon is Muskmelon. Also known as cantaloupe in English and Kachri in Hindi this juicy, flesh, uniquely aromatic fruit is believed to be a native of Iran and is extensively cultivated in the northwest regions of our country.

Muskmelons are low on calories and has impressive amounts of vitamins and minerals. A serving of muskmelon provides 20 per cent of vitamin A and whopping amount of 61 per cent of vitamin C, besides beta-carotene and antioxidants. The fruit is 90 per cent water and can keep you satiated for longer hours.

5 Amazing Reasons To Relish Muskmelon

Improves Vision:

Muskmelons are rich in beta-carotene and zeaxanthin which play an important role in improving eye sight. Studies reveal that including muskmelons in your daily diet will improve eye vision and it is hugely recommended for children. Doctors suggest eating muskmelons to avoid age related macular degeneration as it is rich in vitamin A which not only corrects vision problems but also reduces inflammation.

Skin Health:

Muskmelons are a powerhouse of vitamin C and are loaded with natural collagen that provides firmness to the skin. Regular intake of muskmelon improves skin complexion by providing it a natural glow. Apply fresh, plain muskmelon juice on the skin and wash it after 15 minutes for a better glow.

Weight Loss:

Muskmelon is your must-have if you are on weight loss regimen. The fruit has a water content of 90 percent and is loaded with fibre, with absolutely no fat, no cholesterol, no sugar and very low on calories. Include it in your breakfast as it kills your mid-day hunger pangs and keeps you full. It also aids in digestion and a glass of muskmelon smoothie in the morning treats constipation.

Controls Blood Pressure:

Doctors recommend muskmelon to the patients suffering from hypertension as it is rich in potassium which serves as a vasodilator. Regular intake of muskmelon acts as a blood thinner, dilates blood vessels for smoother flow of blood and controls spike in blood pressure.

Flushes Toxins:

The abundance of water in muskmelon flushes out toxins in the body and clears kidney stones. Rich in oxykine a bio-chemical substance prevents kidney stones and other renal disorders.