Mint leaves are a key component in a spectrum of beauty products from face washes, shampoos and conditioners. These bright green, aromatic leaves are loaded with impressive nutrients that are beneficial in maintaining skin and hair health. Mint leaves or pudina possess an array of healing properties and a natural remedy to treat acne, suntan and many more.

Mint Leaves

The goodness of menthol and strong antibacterial properties of mint leaves work as an excellent cleanser, astringent, toner, and moisturizer.

The curative medicinal properties of mint leaves are due to the presence of specialized plant compounds. These naturally occurring composites are antioxidants known as flavonoids, phenols and carotenoids. They are instrumental in conferring vital anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and immune-stimulating traits to mint leaves.

Not surprisingly, mint leaves have been a constant ingredient in several beauty and skincare products, beginning from historic periods right up to present times.

Treats Acne

The benefits of salicylic acid and Vitamin A in mint leaves controls the secretions of sebum oil in the skin. People with oily skin are more prone to acne outbursts. The strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of mint leaves prevent inflammation and cure acne. Applying mint leaves paste on the acne, dries up, eliminates acne scars and cleanses the pores.

Heals Wounds

The strong anti-inflammatory properties in mint leaves work well in healing cuts, wounds, mosquito bites and even treat dry and itchy skin. Extract mint leaf juice and apply it on the wound, or dry skin, as this will help to soothe irritating and burning skin.

Hydrates And Tones The Skin

Mint leaves work well as a mild astringent agent that helps to tone your skin naturally. It is potent to clear off the dead cells, removes the dirt from the pores and revamps your skin to a smoother, supple and well -hydrated tone. In addition, it also retains the moisture in your skin by tightening the pores.

mint face mask promote skin health

Slows Ageing

The presence of antioxidant rosmarinic acid in mint leaves is beneficial in improving the blood circulation to your skin and hydrates the skin. Furthermore, it prevents free radical damage to the skin and delays the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines. Mint leaves extract is helpful in restoring skin health and keeps it supple and healthy.

Reduces Dark Circles

The richness of antioxidants in mint leaves functions well to diminish the dark circles under the eyes. Apply mint leaf paste over the dark circles and let it stay overnight. This lightens the skin tone under the eyes and rejuvenates it by preventing free radical damage of the cells.

Brightens Complexion

The antiseptic activity in mint leaves prevents skin from developing spots and rashes, despite constant exposure to pollutants in the environment. Moreover, mint leaves also combat the UV damage and extreme tanning of skin, during prolonged periods under direct sunlight. Applying mint leaf extract to dull skin can instantly lighten complexion, for a flawless and glowing look.

Nourishes Skin

A gentle massage with the paste of mint leaves mixed with honey and aloe vera gel improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the outer layer by giving it a fresher look. Regular application of this paste which is rich in antioxidants, shields skin from harmful UV rays thus keeping it damage free.

Clears Blackheads

Mint based face packs are your best bet to do away with those annoying blackheads, which form as a result of dirt or oil clogging the skin pores. Mint rich in menthol and an array of antioxidants penetrates deep into the skin, thus removing blackheads.

Soothes Dry Skin

If you are suffering from dry, itchy skin especially in the winters, a fistful of mint leaves is your quick fix. Make a fine paste of mint leaves, mix it with rose water and apply it on the skin for instant relief from skin irritation.