We know how social media makes everything public for us. However, considering it as a boon or bane is a debatable topic. Recent studies have shown surprising results of its impacts on teens, especially girls using social media.

Sad woman

Ladies, listen up! Here’s some food for thought :

Social media in general isn’t great for anyone’s mental health but it does have a  impact on ladies especially.

1. Drawing comparisons: Women tend to start comparing themselves with their peers and others on social media, leaving them stressed about their current situation.

2. Self esteem:  The Placebo effect of getting inspired by following successful women in turn nudges their self- esteem and finally destroys any feel-good thought that rises within.N

3. Mental health: With teen girls being more social savvy, there’s no way to curb the ill effects of social media. Many women already show disorders due to overexposure to social networking websites. The risks related to suicide is on the high rise now, and experts believe social media could be contributing to this issue.

While these websites are here to keep you connected to the world and cross the boundaries of communication, we insist you take a bit of time to think about how it can knock your health down.

Too much of anything, could be injurious to our health, so is social media!

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