In this era of fast track competitive lifestyle, excellent memory and brilliant intellect are a dream come true for every individual. A good memory plays a crucial role in a person’s life to garner outstanding academic accomplishments and successful careers. With herbal remedies, the holistic science of ayurveda garnering popularity worldwide, we bring you one such absolute solution for improving neural functioning and memory capacity.

Enhance Your Memory Capacity With These Brain-Boosting Ayurvedic Formulations!

Medhya Rasayana is a group of nootropic herbs (i.e. cognition-enhancing) that has multifold benefits and offers a traditional remedy for all sorts of neural anomalies. Be it memory, cognition, intelligence, creativity, consciousness or learning skills, these ayurvedic herbs supplements your brain with essential nutrients and helps improve the power of remembrance, retention, and acquisition.

Medhya rasayana herbs

The term Medhya Rasayana has been derived from two ayurvedic words, ‘Medhya’ meaning intellect or cognitive power and ‘Rasayana’ meaning ‘curative or rejuvenative ability’. The ancient sage Charaka in his ayurvedic scriptures describes Medhya Rasayana as a group of 4 medicinal herbs which has extensive curative properties. Although Medhya Rasayana consists of the 4 typical powerful herbs, some other plants also portray moderate Medhya Rasayana properties which include Brahmi, Kushmanda, Jotishmati, Chitrak, Vacha, and Jatamansi. Even mineral formulations like Swarna Bhasma and Mukta Pishti have memory-enhancing properties.

What Is Medhya Rasayana Good For?


It is the process where an individual recollects and retrieves information from the brain. The potent Medhya Rasayana herbs play a key role in improving the processing, storing and information retrieving abilities of the brain.


It is the ability of the mind through which an individual can keep hold of the past experiences and recall them when required. These nootropic herbs improve the brain’s retention capacity and help one remember the past.


A property of the brain to garner more knowledge and learn new things every day. The herbs under the Medhya Rasayana category enhances one’s learning capabilities.

Benefits Of Potent Medhya Rasayana Herbs:

Guduchi (Giloy):

The heart-shaped leaves from the Tinospora cordifolia plant have excellent antioxidant and rejuvenative properties. Loaded with essential nutrients and minerals like zinc and copper, these herbs are extremely beneficial for treating a host of neural disorders. Being a natural anti-depressant, it not only improves verbal and logical abilities but also relieves one from stress and anxiety. It also enhances one’s mental and emotional well-being. Also Read: Giloy Satva Powder – Benefits, Uses, Ingredients, Method, Dosage and Side Effects


Famed for its Medhya boosting abilities, this herb which goes by the botanical name Convolvulus pluricaulis offers a traditional remedy for improving the intellectual power of a person. Infused with powerful antioxidants and flavonoids, the entire herb along with its funnel-shaped flowers improves memory capacity, concentration, creativity, alertness and calmness in an individual. The neuroprotective bioactive ingredients effectively improve cognitive functioning and prevent a host of neural and memory-related diseases like dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s, etc. Also Read: Shankhpushpi: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Formulations, and Side Effects

Madhukaparni (Gotu kola):

Being a powerhouse of essential flavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamin C, this herb is considered as potent brain food. The leaves that normally resemble the brain hold high significance in improving one’s intellectual abilities. Touted as a natural brain tonic, Gotu kola calms the mind and relieves one from anxiety, stress, depression and tension. Regular intake of the juice of this plant extensively promotes brain growth in children and decelerates down the process of memory impairment in the elderly.

Yashtimadhu (Licorice):

Also known as mulethi, the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant has strong antioxidant properties and acts as a brain tonic. Being a potent stress-busting and memory-enhancing herb, it not only improves circulation in the brain but also normalises several Pitta aggravating disorders. Regular intake of the powdered root along with milk enhances memory and learning capabilities and also reduces the risk of neural disorders.

Ways To Take Medhya Rasayana Herbs:

All the herbs can be taken 2-3 times a day along with the given adjuvant preferably 2-3 hours before meals or as prescribed by your doctor.

Guduchi: 10 ml of the giloy stem juice can be taken with honey.

Sankhapushpi: 10 grams of the paste of the whole plant infused with milk.

Madhukaparni: 10 ml of whole plant juice taken together with honey.

Yashtimadhu: 3 grams of root powder infused in a glass of milk.

Administration Of Medhya Rasayana:

The way the Medhya Rasayana herbs are administered to the individual determines the curative effect produced in the body and hence can achieve the maximum benefits out of it. Mode of administration is of two types:


The word ‘kutti’ implies ‘cottage’ and ‘praveshika’ means ‘to enter’. In this case, the herbs are given to an individual when the person is present in a cottage for a specific time period.


The term ‘vata’ means ‘air’ and ‘tapika’ means ‘heat’. It is given to a person when he or she is outdoors or spend most of the time doing outdoor activities.

Adverse Effects:

Thanks to the load of healthful nutrients, there are no recorded side effects of any of the herbs following under the Medhya Rasayana category. With proper guidance and consultation with an ayurvedic doctor or practitioner, you can bathe in the wellness incentives the herbs offer.


All four Medhya Rasayana herbs are extremely beneficial for improving one’s cognitive abilities. Without any alter indications, these herbs bestow a one-shot remedy in improving the neural functioning and boosting memory capacity.