Febrile seizures are referred as agitations or convulsions during very high fever ranging between 102 -104ºF. It occurs mainly in children between the ages of three months to three years.

Checking fever on kids with thermometer

These seizures can be both simple and complex. Simple febrile seizures are the most common type, while the complex ones for long-lasting in duration. The symptoms of febrile seizures may differ based on its type. 

Symptoms Of Simple Febrile Seizures: 

1. Loss of awareness

2. Agitation or twitching the limbs

3. Weariness after seizure.

4. Confusion after seizure. 

Simple febrile seizures can last for less than 2 minutes. However, they can occur for a total of 15 minutes in a cycle of 24 hours. 

Symptoms of Complex Febrile Seizures: 

1. Loss of awareness

2. Convulsions in limbs

3. Temporary weakness in limbs (one arm or one leg) 

A single episode can last for more than 15 minutes and can occur more than once in 24 hours. However, there are various causes for the occurrence of febrile seizures: 

After immunization, especially after MMR vaccines. A bacterial or viral infection with fever can also cause febrile seizures. 

Febrile Seizures Treatment: 

Febrile seizures usually do not cause any specific harm to the child. However, contacting the emergency department at the time of seizure can be helpful. Doctors may prescribe ibuprofen and acetaminophen to bring down the body temperature immediately.