The Lotus flower symbolizes its purity, serenity, creation, enlightenment, or religious symbolism. Well, did you know that it holds a remarkable role in nourishing and enhancing skin beauty? Yes, this beautiful flower also known as water lily, that goes with the scientific name Nelumbo nucifera, has amazing healing benefits for skin health! It is an aquatic, perennial plant with wide leaves and blossoms in various colours -pink, blue and white lotus.

The incredible health, skin and hair benefiting traits of lotus flower are credited to its wealth of essential oil and phytoextracts. Lotus flower is largely used as an essential ingredient in several traditional medicines for its potent therapeutic purposes. Right from the seeds, leaves, flowers, and the entire plant is used to treat several health maladies. Further, it also helps in maintaining body homeostasis. The goodness of bioactive components in lotus flower offers a broad spectrum of skincare benefits. Lotus extracts are used in a rich array of skin and beauty care essentials that aids in repairing and rejuvenating skin and hair health from deep within.

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Beauty Benefiting Properties Of Lotus Flower

Cell Regeneration Action

The richness of carbohydrate oligosaccharides plays a significant role in nourishing the skin. It is known to stimulate the skin cells which helps in cell regeneration, improve the function of the epidermal barrier, and promote collagen and elastin synthesis, thus resulting in a potent anti-ageing activity. The cell regeneration properties of the lotus flowers are valuable for anti-acne, anti-ageing and anti-irritant treatments. Thus, the holy flower is highly recommended in moisturizing and emollient cosmetic products.

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Antioxidant Activity

Packed with flavonoids lotus flowers is credited to possess scavenging free radicals’ action and iron chelating activity. The flavonoids are known to hinder the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and fight free radicals from damaging healthy skin cells.

Improve Blood Circulation

The bioactive plant compounds present in lotus flower act as vein active agents by lessening the permeability and improving the blood capillaries resistance. These nutrients exhibit great affinity for proteins -collagen and elastin, thus improving skin elasticity, collagen production and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

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The natural de-pigmenting properties of the lotus plant are beneficial in averting UV rays damage, fading dark spots, age spots and pigmentation of the skin.

Nourishes The Scalp

Enriched with hair-friendly nutrients like vitamin C, B, iron, and copper lotus flower supports strengthen the scalp, improve blood flow and aids in resolving hair fall issues.

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Check out this infographic for more details.
Lotus for beautiful skin and hair