Congratulations! You have just lost all those extra pounds and you are basking in the compliments pouring in. We are proud of you too, as losing weight is not an easy task - it requires a whole lot of determination, control over diet and great amounts of focus.

But have you ever wondered why many people who successfully complete their weight loss journey, end up gaining it back soon? Studies reveal that only 20 per cent of dieters and fitness enthusiasts maintain their healthy weight even in the long run, whereas others gain it all back.

sustain weight loss

Don’t lose hope. Read on for tips on how to maintain your healthy weight, backed by science.

1)    Regular Exercise

Consistent exercise plays a crucial part in weight maintenance. It helps you to burn off extra calories and triggers metabolism which are two vital factors required to attain energy balance. Evidence shows that people who do at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity regularly after losing weight tend to maintain their weight.

The key rule is that exercise is a vital tool for maintaining weight along with lifestyle changes.

2)    Never Skip Breakfast

The best mantra in sustaining your weight maintenance goal is never, ever skip breakfast. People who eat breakfast develop healthier habits such as having more fibre rich foods and essential micronutrients in their diet. It is in fact, a successful behaviour that everyone should follow to promote overall well-being.

3)    Top Up On Proteins

Eating a lot of protein-rich foods helps you in maintaining your weight, as protein can curb the appetite and promote satiety. Protein foods do amazing work by boosting hormones that induce satiety and lower the level of hormones that increase hunger pangs, which helps in weight regulation. In addition, protein-rich foods need a significant amount of energy for metabolism, thus increasing the burning of calories in a day. Also Read: Protein-Rich Foods That Help Build Muscle Mass

4)    Monitor Your Weight Regularly

Checking your weight regularly at home is a helpful tool for weight maintenance. This makes you aware of your headway and motivates you in the long run. Furthermore, it makes you very conscious about what you eat and controls the portion size, thereby helping you in sustaining the weight.

5)    Control Your Carb Intake

Maintaining weight may be a simpler task to achieve if you are mindful about the types and amount of carbs you eat in a day. Eating a huge amount of refined carbs may be a hindrance to your weight maintenance goals. A low-carb diet loaded with fibre rich and protein foods is more likely to keep the weight off in the long run. 

3 Simple Exercises To Sustain The Lost Weight

If you have lost weight during the lockdown, kudos to you! While many of us are complaining about weight gain there are a few who made the best use of this period and shed a few kilos. But, do you know that sustaining weight loss requires a lot of discipline and determination? To sustain the lost weight, it is very vital to keep your workouts as easy and manageable so that you never have a lame reason to skip regular exercise sessions. A simple exercise is safer for the body and also helps you to be more consistent, week after week and month to month. These exercises do not require you to visit a gym and can be performed anywhere without any special equipment. The main aim is you are burning out calories in a short period of time, however, simple the workouts. Being regular with workouts on a daily basis will help you to burn up to 500 calories. Here are 3 simple workouts that will help you to sustain the lost weight. Also Read: The Ultimate Lockdown Workouts: Superb Exercises To Tone Down Your Legs & Thighs


Walking is the simplest and effective form of workout that is reliable and easy to do for most of us and at the same time helps you to maintain body weight. It serves as a perfect warm-up and also helps to burn around 50 calories on average during 10 minutes of a brisk walk. It is also proved that moderate-intensity walking has been effective to lose the stubborn belly fat.


Squats are the best workout to lose weight and maintain muscles, it involves all the core muscles and helps to enhance stamina and stability. Squats are a great way to lose inches from thighs and maintain overall body weight. On an average 10 minutes of the high-intensity squat will help you burn almost 100 calories.


Losing the stubborn belly fat is one thing that most of us wish to reduce, crunches are the best abdominal workout that mainly aims at losing belly fat. Crunches are strength training exercise that is effective to tone abdominal muscles and 6 minutes crunches in a day can burn up to 60 calories.

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