In today’s world, the workplace is rather demanding and in the midst of juggling hectic work schedules, people often tend to ignore their health. This results in frequent consumption of processed and fried meals, which when accrued in the body, invariably affect the liver.

The liver is one of the chief parts of the human body; when it stops working – so do you. And although this sounds quite shocking, it is very true.

Being the largest internal organ, the liver performs several crucial roles such as filtering out impurities in blood, metabolizing glucose, fats for the body’s energy requisites, as well as flushing out toxins by secreting bile and easing the digestion process. Another important factor to keep in mind is, the liver operates like a complex chemical factory, assimilating and treating each and every item that you eat and drink. Naturally, extra care is necessary, to guarantee the preservation of liver functions.

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An ideal diet to assist in conserving the liver should comprise ample amounts of fibers, proteins, vitamin C, vitamin K and antioxidants. Foods that augment liver wellness include leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, beans, nuts and green tea. Taking some time to prepare wholesome home-cooked dishes will go a long way in lowering the risk of liver disease and boosting overall wellbeing. Also Read: Top 8 Foods for healthy liver

Here are two simple, tasty dishes that offer numerous amazing incentives, to significantly enhance the health and welfare of your liver.

Sprouted Matki Salad

Matki, known in English as moth bean, is a powerhouse of dietary fibers, which greatly promotes gut and liver activity. Having a small portion of these sprouted beans suffused with some spices and veggies is a wonderful way to maintain the liver.

Sprouted Matki Salad


1 cup sprouted matki

½ small cabbage

1 tsp chilli powder

Salt, as per taste

2 tbsp pomelo juice


Boil the sprouted matki beans until they soften, making sure they do not get entirely mashed.

Finely shred the cabbage into minute pieces and cook in hot water for a few minutes, to make it supple.

In a large bowl, mix the boiled matki with the cabbage, salt and chilli powder.

Drizzle the pomelo juice onto the sprouted matki salad and enjoy this nutritious appetizer before meals.


The profuse quantities of dietary roughage in matki beans fosters normal nutrient absorption and bowel movement, thereby preventing the accumulation of undigested food particles in the liver. Cabbage is a good source of vitamin B6 or folate, required for healthy red blood cell synthesis. Imbued with the goodness of vitamin C and flavonoids, pomelo confers beneficial antioxidant traits, for the upkeep of the liver. Also Read: Pomelo: Health Benefits, Nutrition, Uses For Skin And Hair, Recipes And Side Effects

Sautéed Mixed Greens

This aromatic mélange containing generous amounts of the cruciferous green vegetables - spinach and kale, is a splendid way to nourish your body and ensure optimal functioning of the liver.

Sauteed Mixed Greens


1 big bunch of spinach

1 big bunch of kale

4 garlic cloves

1 small red onion

½ tbsp olive oil

Salt, as required

Pepper, for taste

1 tsp lemon juice


Finely chop the spinach and kale leaves, removing the stems.

Mince the garlic cloves and cut the onion into very tiny pieces.

Heat olive oil in a pan on medium flame and thoroughly cook the spinach, kale, garlic and onion, adding salt and pepper as needed.

Switch off flame and mix in the lemon juice with the cooked vegetables, for added flavour.

Garnish the sautéed mixed greens with coriander leaves and serve as a tasty accompaniment with lunch or dinner.


Spinach is loaded with iron, a key mineral in enzymes that aid in detoxifying the liver. Kale contains abundant amounts of vitamin K, helping in the production of blood coagulation factors, that occur in the liver. Garlic and onion are low on sodium, trans fats and cholesterol, assisting in heart health. Lemon juice is inherently high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps eliminate harmful free radicals and cleanses the system.