Gone are the days of grandma’s hair hacks when our scalps were slathered with oodles of hair oil to get those thick, wavy, super long tresses. Times have changed and today women are more mindful of their overall appearance and of course of their short and long locks. While herbal hair oils are definitely a great source of nourishment, many contemporary ways of hair styling are doing the rounds on the internet which tempts everyone to try them out at least once.

Adding to this list of desirable hair is the liquid hair trend, which is in vogue, thanks to Hollywood biggies like Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa who have been posing with their luscious manes boasting this uber cool trend. Unlike the name, liquid hair is not wet but ultra-shiny, sleek, very soft, and like clear flowing water, it is super reflective in appearance hence called the liquid hair trend.

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What Is So Special About Liquid Hair?

Contrary to the famous glass hair trend that made everyone go gaga a year back, liquid hair unlike the glassy tone is all about shine, movement, and nourishment lift it gives to the manes. This hair trend is gaining popularity for the fact that it is a perfectly balanced hairdo between salon straightened and blow-dried hair. While people do go for straightening and rebonding, the super flat look sometimes gets way too overwhelming. Likewise, blow-dried hair may give an over bouncy appearance and can be a tad bit hard to manage. But the liquid hair is softer to touch and more manageable.

Are you also tired of regular poker-straight style, pony-tailed look, or high-rise buns? 

Liquid hair

If Kardashian is garnering accolades, what is stopping you from gathering compliments? With the right products, here is how you can get that glow-up kind of look.

Foray into this infographic to know more:

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