Lemon, the tangy citrus fruit is undeniably a magic potion for innumerable health woes. Whether you are drizzling lemon zest or squeezing lemon juice, this citrus fruit delivers a myriad of health incentives, as well as some amazing home remedies. Laden with an impressive nutrient profile lemon has incredible potential to uplift both physical and mental well-being. It is consumed in different avatars be it a cooling drink or flavourful ingredient that adds a distinct taste and aroma to a spectrum of culinary dishes.

Lemon is prized for its huge vitamin C content that works as a strong antioxidant bolstering the immune functions in the body and revamp skin health. Being intrinsically rich in potassium lowers blood pressure and augments cardiac health. Imbued with vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium, which regulates metabolism and fortifies bones. Thanks to its potential anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that rejuvenate skin and hair health from inside out.

The host of natural bioactive compounds present in lemon offers superb health benefits, which include:

  • The richness of citric acid in lemons may help avert the formation of kidney stones.
  • Alpha hydroxyl acid in lemons supports to remove dead skin cells and regenerates new ones.
  • The potent antioxidant effect of hesperidin strengthen blood vessels and avert the build-up of fatty deposits (plaque) in the arteries.
  • Immensely rich in vitamin C, lemons promotes collagen synthesis and fades away fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Strong antioxidant traits of diosmin in lemons improve muscle tone and lessen inflammation.
  • Eriocitrin mostly abundant in lemon peel and juice helps to ward off detrimental toxins and prevent oxidative stress.
  • D-limonene is an essential bioactive compound found in the peel that offers a distinct aroma and alleviates heartburn and acid reflux.

This tangy citrus fruit is available all through the year and works as one of the best natural healers and a great ingredient to optimize your overall health and well-being. Check out this infographic for more details.

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Try lemon for these 5 benefits - Infographics