Kunzea ambigua, also known as poverty bush, tick bush or white kunzea is a flowering plant, native to Australia and found extensively in Tanzania. The white and pink flowers that go in full bloom from September to January, annually are around 1.2 cm in diameter, have sweet fragrance. Kunzea oil is one of the popular essential oils in aromatherapy and this mildly scented liquid with fresh and clean texture, is made through steam distillation of leaves, twigs and green branchlets.

Extremely beneficial for promoting health and vitality, Kunzea oil is in fact a key active ingredient in various over-the-counter products including liniments, ointments, massage oils and creams. For centuries, Kunzea oil has been widely used by the Tasmanians as an insect repellent and also for treating many chronic ailments.

Combats Headaches And Respiratory Disorders:

Kunzea oil is replete with alpha-pinene and 1,8 cineole, active components that provide spasmolytic action on the respiratory tract for curing asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and headaches. These two compounds also give Kunzea its potential properties for treating other respiratory disorders such as sore throat, nasal congestion, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

Potential Insect Repellant:

Kunzea Oil has always been used as an insect repellant by natives of Tasmania which is why it has received its name Tick Bush. It was noticed that animals slept under Kunzea plants to seek relief from ticks and other parasites therefore, Kunzea plant was evaluated and compared with citronella oil for its insect repellent properties.

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Antiseptic Properties:

Known for its therapeutic uses, Kunzea essential oil is helpful for arthritic pain, rheumatism, muscular aches and other body pains therefore is a key ingredient in aromatherapy. Kunzea oil is used in spas and saunas because of its refreshing and antiseptic attributes. The active compounds present in this oil have shown to be anti-inflammatory in nature, therefore its application is advised for those suffering from a variety of inflammatory conditions.

Foray into this infographic for discovering the incredible benefits of Kunzea Essential Oil:
Super Cool Benefits Of Kunzea Oil