The viral karate video of a teary-eyed 5-year-old Phoenix Swonger from Orlando, making several unsuccessful attempts to break the board with his heel and eventually passing the test for a yellow belt has warmed many hearts across the world.

Even as he repeatedly tried to break the board, the 5-year-old was cheered and encouraged upon by his friends and after he broke the it into two equal pieces, his success was celebrated by the team mates with lots of hugging.

The video shared by his mother went viral in no time, garnering 18 million views and the little boy’s perseverance reminded all of us how one should never give up while battling various issues in life.

Perhaps, determination and perseverance are two underlying lessons learnt by children practicing martial arts. While Karate is a popular martial art, Kungfu, Tai chi, taekwondo are also gaining popularity not just for self defence but for incredible health benefits.

Studies reveal that children practicing martial arts from a young age are successful in many aspects, as they learn how to focus while working on self-defensive techniques.  If you are planning to send your child for martial art training, read on to understand how it benefits their overall well-being.

Boy Learning Karate

For Fitness:

Martial arts improve fitness levels tremendously. The kids get to practice pushups, jumping jacks, stretches regularly that improve muscle mass and boost cardiovascular health. It keeps body fit, toned and flexible even after growing into adults.


Practicing martial arts instills great amounts of self-discipline. It improves mental focus in children, teaches the necessity of completing the task till the end. The techniques taught during practice sessions often translate into positive signs while preparing for exams, handling other tasks and competitions at the school.

Teaches Respect:

The first lesson taught by martial art experts to their students is to respect others. Bowing to the masters, is an ancient practice and is a way of showing their admiration to their gurus. In fact, the kids learn self defense techniques like punching, kicking and locking up the opponent only after mastering the art of being respectful to others, be it teacher or opponent.

Builds Confidence:

Kids with martial art training become confident and can set up their own realistic goals. Even as they achieve belts, it not only builds their confidence but also gives them a sense of accomplishment. In fact, every time these kids master a new technique it instills a positive energy in them.

Self Defense:

Learning self defense technique is beneficial for every child irrespective of the gender. Few martial art techniques help the kid in learning few street-smart skills, reacting with a power punch and pin down the attacker in no time.