The “Jungle Jalebi” is an exotic Indian fruit, called so in Hindi, as the fruits or seed pods appear encompassed in flattened whorls, resembling the popular sweet dish of India – the jalebi. Locally, it is referred to as “Seema Chintakaya” in Telugu, “Kodukka Puli” in Tamil, “Seema Hunase” in Kannada, while other English names include Manila Tamarind, Madras Thorn, Monkey Pod and Camachile. In botany, the scientific terminology is Pithecellobium dulce.

The jungle jalebi tree is evergreen, growing up to a massive height of 20 meters. The branches bear thorny spines and deciduous leaves, making the plant appear rich and vibrant green. It bears fragrant whitish-green flowers that give rise to brown or red fruits or “pods”, with each pod bearing about 10 seeds. This tree grows widely in the tropical regions of the world, including India, Mexico, Philippines as well as several South American nations.

jungle jalebi

Not only are the pods of jungle jalebi fruit edible, with a mildly sweet and tart flavoured pulp, they are also laden with essential nutrients. Moreover, they confer a host of health benefits, such as treating diarrhea, strengthening teeth and managing blood sugar levels in those with diabetes.

The jungle jalebi pods possess significant amounts of calories, proteins, complex carbohydrates and dietary fibers, for energy requirements, appetite regulation and enhanced digestion of foods in the body. They abound in vital trace minerals namely calcium, phosphorous and iron, as well as contain vast reserves of vitamin C and the B vitamins. In addition, these pods are prized for their rich antioxidant profile, with profuse quantities of useful plant phenolic compounds, flavonoids and quercetin.

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Besides simply adding this tangy pod extract to spice up your tea or lemonade, read on, to discover the marvellous wellness incentives of adding the jungle jalebi to your diet.

5 Superb Health Benefits Of The Jungle Jalebi Fruit:

1. Promotes Weight Loss:

The noteworthy quantities of dietary fibers in the jungle jalebi helps one to control cravings and regulate appetite. Drinking a glass of lemon juice, infused with the jungle jalebi pod extracts works wonders in shedding those extra kilos and maintaining healthy body weight. Also Checkout: Top 5 Super Foods To Achieve Weight Loss - Infographic

2. Cures Gut Problems:

Jungle jalebi pods are a storehouse of powerful antioxidants such as flavonoids and quercetin. These functions effectively in scavenging the harmful free radicals and toxins in the stomach and intestines, thereby curing diarrhea and dysentery.

3. Manages Diabetes Symptoms:

The juice of jungle jalebi pod extracts is known to exhibit anti-hyperglycemic attributes. This implies it can efficiently lower blood sugar levels in those suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus. Thus, this tangy juice can be taken by diabetics regularly, to keep blood glucose in check. Also Read: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

4. Fortifies Bones And Muscles:

Jungle jalebi pods are bestowed with extensive amounts of calcium and phosphorous, two minerals vital for maintaining strong bones. Furthermore, the remarkable protein content in these pods assists in developing healthy and robust muscles. Sturdy bones and muscles are required for flexible movement, as well as balance and stability.

5. Boosts Immune Function:

The expansive quantities of vitamin C, a beneficial antioxidant, confers augmented immunity in those consuming a glass of jungle jalebi juice. Besides a powerful defense mechanism to keep infections and diseases at bay, vitamin C also enhances skin texture, reducing acne and dark spots and contributing a radiant glow to the face.