Actress Vaani Kapoor who is known for her svelte figure, admits that she loves eating. On a recent trip to Delhi, the Shuddh Desi Romance actress spoke about her love for the city and the local food. "I love eating. I love Delhi food. I love the streets here and my family lives here," she said. 

Vaani Kapoor Detox

Vaani says she doesn’t believe in dieting at all. The actress shared her diet secrets, where she said eating in moderation was her mantra.

Vaani believes in eating all kinds of food but despite being a foodie, she firmly believes in eating healthy, in moderation and in smaller amounts.

Her diet mostly includes foods high in protein, complex carbs and fruits and veggies for their antioxidants. She makes sure to have healthy juices to detoxify her body and water to keep her skin glowing and hydrated.

Talking about her style statement, Vaani considers herself to be a "decent dresser” but says she doesn't like to follow any fashion trend. "I have never followed fashion in particular, but I am aware of what is trending and what is not trending," Vaani told IANS. 

"And if there is something which I personally associate with or who I personally like or (like) while going through a magazine (I pick it). But I don't follow trends in particular," she added. (IANS)