Jabuticaba is an exotic fruit overpowered with a treasure trove of nutrients that delivers indispensable health benefits. It is also known as the Brazilian grape tree that belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is one of the rarest and bizarre fruits known to mankind, as this fruit appears to blossom right out of the bark and trunk of its tree, which covers the tree in purple warts when it is fully in season. The fruit is native to the coastal forest and hilly regions of southern Brazil. It is known by different names Guapuru, Yabutica, Jaboticaba, Yvapuru, Taanumox and Jabuticaba.

Jaboticaba is a tropical evergreen shrub, branched slow-growing tree that reaches a height of about 5-13 m. The fruit has a hard skin with four large seeds in the centre which grows to 3-4cm diameter with a sweet and soft pulp. The fruit can be eaten raw or used to make jellies, jams, juices, and wine. The plant can be cultivated from the seeds or by grafting.
Jabuticaba tree

Jaboticaba juice is bestowed with potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing traits that are known to improve skin health, lung power, stimulate digestion, prevent cancer, and augment overall health. Aside from these, it combats asthma, regulates heart health and type 2 diabetes.

Health Benefits

Remedies Respiratory Anomalies

Jabuticaba fruit has a positive impact on respiratory functions and mitigates the symptoms associated with asthma. It aids to clear obstructed bronchi, airway and nasal passages and chest congestion and opens bronchi thus combatting asthma. Regular intake of this fruit can improve the quality of life of a person suffering from asthma remarkably.

Potent Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Jabuticaba is credited to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits that reduce inflammation and keep infections at bay. Laden with anthocyanins and other essential nutrients, it helps to avert the risk of various inflammatory diseases like asthma, hepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, glomerulonephritis, and COPD.

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Skin Health

A powerhouse of antioxidants jaboticaba fruit extract is beneficial in delaying early signs of ageing like dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. This exotic fruit helps in rejuvenating and hydrating skin cells, supports collagen synthesis that aids in increasing skin elasticity and makes the skin supple and nourished. While detoxifying and anti-microbial properties are effective in treating acne. Jaboticaba extracts are used in the preparation of skincare essentials. Aside from these, jaboticaba pulp when mixed with oatmeal and honey is an excellent face scrub that makes skin radiant and toned.

Promotes Hair Growth

Jaboticaba extract is a natural remedy for hair loss. Imbued with ample amounts of hair-friendly nutrients and plant compounds it strengthens hair follicles, averts hair loss, and promotes the growth of lustrous and voluminous mane. The fruit extracts are used widely in several hair care products.

Prevents Cancer

Jaboticaba fruit is prized for its powerful antioxidant and anticancer activity. Thanks to the goodness of phenolic compounds, anthocyanins and other phytonutrients help in combatting free radicals, avert cell damage and DNA mutations. These traits eliminate free radicals and lower the risk of colon and certain other cancers.

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Augments Heart Health

Laden with anthocyanins and polyphenols this fruit lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. The active plant compounds present in jaboticaba fruits aids to manage lipid profile diminishes triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol levels in the body and increases good HDL cholesterol.

Remedies Diarrhoea

The natural astringent properties of jaboticaba extracts are vital in fighting diarrhoea. Jaboticaba fruit blessed with essential vitamins and minerals support the gut microbiome, regularise bowel movements and prevent dehydration.

Good For The Gut

The goodness of dietary fibre in jaboticaba fruit helps to regulate intestinal flora and stimulates the digestion process. It also thwarts off detrimental toxins from the gut and averts gastric damage. Regular addition of this woody fruit enhances digestive health and treats other gastrointestinal woes.

Fortifies Bone

Laden with calcium, potassium and magnesium jaboticaba is highly valuable for strengthening bones and maintain dental health. These essential minerals promote bone mineral density, support connective tissue, and averts them from becoming brittle and lower the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

Side Effects

Jaboticaba fruit is likely safe for all healthy adults when taken in moderate amounts. Excessive intake of fruit extracts would lead to a build-up of tannin in the body which is carcinogenic when taken over a long period of time. The skin of the fruit may lead to constipation when consumed in a large amount.


Jaboticaba is unique fruit blessed with a wealth of essential nutrients and known to possess anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities. Potent anthocyanins found in the dark purple skin of the fruit lowers the risk of chronic diseases and optimises overall health and well-being.