Peeling skin is quite discomforting and agonizing and unlike popular notions, it is not at all limited to only the dry winter months. Flaky dry skin is a type of skin condition that can happen any time of the year, be it summer, monsoon or winter. While it is quite tempting to visit a parlour and get some treatment to avoid peeling skin, now more than ever these lockdown days have taught us to be self-sufficient and use home remedies to treat several skin issues. 

What Exactly Is Peeling Skin? 

Peeling of the skin or as scientifically termed desquamation, is the loss of the outer layer of the skin. It is an uncomfortable condition characterized by scaling, itching, and cracking of the skin making it inflamed and irritated. Be it excessive exposure to sunlight or allergy or certain chemicals, peeling can occur due to several factors. The peeling of skin can happen in small areas on the face or throughout the body. 

What Can Cause Peeling Skin? 

Peeling skin can happen due to several reasons: 

Pre-existing Skin Conditions: Certain skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and other seborrheic conditions can often make the skin itchy, inflamed and lead to peeling. 

Exposure To Sun: One of the most common factors, excessive exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays without proper sun protectants can often increase inflammation in the skin and cause peeling. 

Medications: Application of topical ointments and creams containing retinoids and benzoyl peroxide to treat acne-prone skin can often dry out the skin excessively and cause peeling. 

Allergy: Peeling can also be a side-effect of the use of certain beauty products on the skin or scalp that are not suitable for the particular skin-type. 

Skin-Type: People having dry skin can often notice sudden skin peeling during the colder months due to excessive loss of moisture of the upper layer of the skin. 

Now with prior knowledge of the factors that can lead to the peeling of the skin, one might be able to avoid these conditions. But in case you are already suffering from dry flaky skin, whip up these cool homemade moisturising scrubs using easily available ingredients to treat peeling skin right at the comfort of your home. 
diy scrubs for peeling skin

Homemade Scrubs For Peeling Skin: 

Sugar And Cocoa Butter Scrub 


3 tbsp granulated sugar 

1 tbsp brown sugar 

1 tbsp cocoa butter 

1-2 drops of lavender essential oil 


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. 

Apply it all over your face. 

Rub it gently in a circular motion. 

Wash off with cool water. 

You can also make a lot of it together, keep it in a glass bottle and refrigerate it for future use. 

How It Works: 

Sugar being a natural exfoliant is extremely beneficial for scrubbing off peeling skin. The presence of cocoa butter moisturises and nourishes the new skin within whereas lavender essential oil prevents bacterial infection and soothes the dry skin. Also Read: Cocoa Butter: 5 Astonishing Reasons Why You Need To Use This Chocolaty Skin Care Product 

Oatmeal And Banana Scrub 


½ cup oatmeal 

½ ripe banana 

1tbsp raw honey 


Blend all the ingredients to get a paste-like consistency. 

Apply it all over the face. 

Scrub slowly in circular motions. 

Wash off with cool water and apply a moisturiser. 

How It Works: 

The exfoliative properties of oatmeal are excellent in the case of dry peeling skin. Not only does it get rid of flaky skin but also gives way for a rejuvenated healthy layer beneath. The moisturising properties of banana soften and tones the skin whereas honey soothes irritated skin and prevents skin infections like acne, pimples zits, etc. 

Coffee And Aloe-vera Scrub 


3 tbsp coffee powder 

1 tbsp fresh aloe vera gel 

1 tbsp cucumber juice 


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. 

Smear it all over the face. 

Gradually scrub in round motions. 

Wash off with cool water. 

How It Works: 

The tiny coffee granules are extremely effective in removing the flaky peeling skin. The addition of aloe vera gel and cucumber has multifaceted benefits. It helps soothe itchy, inflamed skin while moisturising and nourishing it. Use this scrub on alternate days to reduce the appearance of peeling skin and bestow yourself with a glowing appearance. Also Read: Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Glowing Skin