Rock Sugar or Mishri as it is known in Hindi is a tiny, crystal, unrefined form of sugar. This nutritious candy also known as Bhura sugar or Khand in other parts of the country is made after evaporating sugarcane juice and is a healthy substitute for the normal table sugar.

Incredible Health Benefits Of Mishri

The process of crystallization and recrystallization of Mishri makes it easily digestible and leaves a cooling effect on the body.

Rock Sugar is one of the common ingredients we munch on after a scrumptious meal along with fennel to promote digestion. It also serves as an amazing mouth freshener.

This tiny candy comes with a host of health benefits. Read on to know more.

Treats Common Cold And Cough

A cough, cold and sore throat are common problems, especially in winter. Rock Sugar is a miracle ingredient with healing properties that can ease these conditions rapidly. Take half teaspoon of mishri and black pepper, make it into a paste and consume it at night to cure a sore throat. A powder of mishri and black pepper with lukewarm water helps in alleviating cough and also sweeps out excess mucus.

Promotes Digestion

Rock Sugar is an apt candy, you can have after an elaborate meal that promotes digestion. It initiates the digestion immediately and serves as an after-meal dessert.

Boosts Energy

Mishri is an instant source of energy, that refreshes your dull mood and boosts your energy during post-menopausal mood swings. Mishri improves memory and eases mental fatigue. Drinking a glass of warm milk with mishri at night time is the best way to improve memory.

Refreshing Drink

Mishri is commonly used as a refreshing drink during the summer season. It has a calming effect on the mind and body and alleviates the stress. It is a source of instant energy and has the ability to balance the body and relaxes the senses. This refreshing drink is prepared by mixing a spoonful of Mishri powder to a glass of water.

Culinary benefits

Mishri is the preferred choice of sugar as it is healthy and unrefined when compared to normal table sugar. It has a unique taste that goes well with all the traditional sweets, even chocolates and other confectionaries. Go for organic mishri which is greyish to yellowish in colour, but not the crystal-clear ones.

Boosts Haemoglobin

Ayurvedic experts strongly recommend including rock sugar in the daily diet for those suffering from anaemia. Rich in various minerals, vitamins and amino acids, regular consumption of rock sugar not only triggers better blood circulation but also prevents other complications associated with anaemia like dizziness, fatigue and weakness.

Stimulates Lactation

Mishri is a wonder ingredient that can stimulate lactation in new mothers. It also helps in dealing with mood swings, depression that are often seen in new mothers, as a result of post-partum depression.

Better Vision

Rock sugar is better than regular sugar and is a powerhouse of various nutrients. Traditional medicine recommends it for better eyesight, preventing cataract. Consume it along with milk for improving vision.  

Mouth Freshener

Mishri is your wonder fix for that fresh feeling in your mouth, after consuming a heavy meal. It not only gets rid of bad breath but aids in proper digestion, by stimulating digestive juices and helps preventing gastric problems. Eat half a teaspoon of mishri or along with fennel seeds for deriving benefits.