Water is one of the prized gifts for mankind without which human beings cannot survive and accounts for more than 70% of body weight. It is imperative for the smooth functioning of several bodily processes. Water is the perfect solution to heal and treat many health and beauty woes including acne, dry skin, dark spots and what not!
water therapy for skin health

Lack of water in the body will hamper the health of the vital organs including the skin, the largest organ of the body. If the skin is deprived of water it will become dry, peel and flaky which eventually result in wrinkle and dark spots. The body loses water in the form of perspiration and urine, we need to restore the loss to keep the electrolyte balance and hydration levels of the skin. Water is vital for maintaining skin suppleness and elasticity. Also Read: Why We Need To Drink Plenty Of Water

Read through this article to know about the immense beauty incentives of water therapy.

What Is Water Therapy?

Water therapy is gaining popularity in recent times, not only for weight loss, metabolism and immunity but also as it makes the skin impeccable and glowing. Also Read: Here’s How Much Water You Should Drink For Losing Weight

Water has the amazing power to revitalise, detoxify and oxygenate the skin. Water therapy cure dry skin and makes the skin look youthful and toned. The basic steps in water therapy include:

Drink 4-7 glasses of water the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The water should be lukewarm.

After this do not eat anything for the next 45 minutes and perform regular activities or do light physical workouts like yoga or walking.

It is important to maintain an interval of two hours between every meal throughout the day. For example after having breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner refrain from eating or drinking anything for the next two hours.

If you find it difficult to take 4-7 glasses of water at one go, try starting with 4 glasses and gradually increase to 7. You may infuse water with lemon to add flavour.

Caffeinated beverages and alcohol are not allowed as it exhibits the reverse effect of water on the system. 

If you overcome the pre-coffee water and frequent visits to loo initially, your body will naturally get used to it and at the same time, you can get away with caffeine cravings. Water therapy combined with healthy eating habits and regular skincare routine guarantees to make your skin look youthful and radiant.

Benefits Of Water Therapy:

Improves Skin Health

The skin makes up for 30% water content in the body, adequate hydration keeps the skin supple and flexible and prevent loss of moisture. If the intake of water is very less, skin cannot avert excess water loss and thus it will lose its elasticity. Water therapy maintains the skin texture, tone and keeps the skin healthy and glowing.

Cleanses The System

Drinking plenty of water helps the kidneys to clear out toxins from the system and supply the organs with pure and oxygenated blood. Moreover, unless the body flushes out the unwanted toxins the skin will not glow. The skin receives vital nutrients and oxygen via blood which makes the skin look radiant and supple.

Promotes Skin Functions

The skin performs several vital roles daily such as preventing water loss, clears out toxins, synthesise vitamin D and shield the body from sun damage. Several pieces of research also revealed that drinking water not only improves the normal physiology of the skin but also stimulates the superficial and deep skin hydration. Hence it is pivotal to take plenty of water which facilitates the skin to perform all its function effectively and glow from inside out.

Uplifts Skin's Density/Thickness

The skin holds about 30% of your body's overall water content. Keeping this proportion in balance is vital for plump and supple skin, as well as averting moisture loss due to external influences. Lack of water intake, the skin wouldn't be able to avoid excessive water loss and will become more brittle. Adequate water consumption maintains skin health by restoring its density, and thickness and averts moisture loss.

Combats Acne

Drinking sufficient water helps to maintain the face's oil and water balance in control. Excess sebum and oil secretion are lowered, leading to less clogged pores and acne.

Maintains Firm Skin

The skin may sag due to sudden weight loss. Drinking adequate water aids to avert drooping and tightens the skin in areas where it is visible, such as the upper arms, thighs, waist and jawline, thereby revamping the skin tone and smoothness.

Maintains Skin pH

Wate may be helpful to reinstating sensitive skin, acne-prone or troubled skin due to several conditions to a healthy skin state. Drinking adequate water is beneficial to balance the body’s pH levels, thus making the skin glowing and blemish-free.


Water is the quintessential source of life for all living creatures on the earth. Before you start with water therapy it is always best to seek expert advice. Moreover, the amount of water required varies from person to person and it depends on age, weight, climate, fitness levels and health conditions.