FitnessThe year 2019 has just begun and it’s time for new resolve, fresh goals and a plan to work towards achieving those targets.

And it’s also time for new year resolutions! According to various studies, as the new year approaches most us vow to be fit, eat on time and take care of our health in the coming year, at least!

Again, for many of us looking forward to leading a healthy life the first step is to sign up for a gym membership, hoping to pump iron, and build muscles for a fit, chiseled body.

Do you know gyms witness a steep increase in the number of member registrations around new year and it drastically drops with in next three months? Studies reveal that every year only 8 per cent stick to their new year resolutions of becoming gym regulars.

But don’t lose heart. Read on to know how to survive in the gym for this year and for many years to come. These simple tips will help you to slowly build interest and strong intention to stick to your daily workout.

Don’t Overdo It :

Yes! We agree that it is exciting to hit gym on the very first day of the year, soaring with excitement. But, it you overdo your workout on Day 1, that’s the worst thing to do. Let your muscles and body ease into the habit of doing exercise and pushing yourself too hard may leave your body sore, tired and there is a high probability that you would never want to go back. Talk to your gym trainer first and understand about each equipment, its functioning and decide which workout is beneficial for you.

Get A Defined Workout Routine:

Now that you learnt about the different gym equipment, slip into your routine Warm up first and ask for the assistance from the gym trainer and start slow. Do not try and run fast on the treadmill at the very first instance as there is always a danger of falling and hitting the ground. If you want to do pushups, starts with just 8 reps and get rest for at least 2 minutes between each rep.

Learn About Cardio:

If you are on a mission to lose weight, learn more about cardio exercises. Working on treadmill, ellipticals and other cardio equipment. Doing cardio exercises daily increases your heart rate and helps you shed weight much faster. It also tones leg muscles and gives a leaner look. If you are planning to gain muscle mass, do heavier weights and fewer reps under the watchful eyes of your trainer.

Get The Right Diet:

Workouts alone won’t help. Get a diet plan and abide by the suggestions given by your dietician. Make it a habit to eat at least one salad daily, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and sleep well. If you are planning on trying protein drinks, talk to an expert about the right number of calories, protein you should be consuming for intense energy during workouts.

Results Take Time:

Okay, now that you have learnt the basic tips to survive at gym, here is a final piece of advice. Don’t check your weight daily! Results do take time and have patience because numbers keep fluctuating and they can demotivate you. If you want to know how many kilograms you have lost, check for every couple of weeks.

All you need is strong determination to hit the gym with an intention, a plan and results would be ready for you see in next few weeks.

Netmeds.Com Wishes All Its Customers A Happy And Healthy 2019.