Nasal and chest congestion are two major health issues faced by patients suffering from various lung issues in the winter.Nasal Spray To Relieve Congestion

Cold weather worsens symptoms in asthmatic patients making it very difficult for them to breathe easy.

Besides prescribing anti-histamine medications, pulmonologists also recommend various ways like using nasal sprays, rhino wash or neti pot, nebulization for instant and symptomatic relief.

There is a lot of confusion on how to use these small medical apparatuses at home and we will tell you how to use nasal sprays for easing symptoms.

Nasal Sprays:

There are many types of nasal sprays and they may work faster than pills in few cases. While few nasal sprays are available over-the-counter, few would need doctor’s prescription.

Nasal sprays are available in two forms:

i)  Pressurized canisters

ii) Pump bottles

How To Use The Canister

Clear mucus before using medicine. Place canister in its holder and shake it vigorously.

Keep head straight, close the nostril that’s not receiving medicine with a finger.

Press the canister as you begin breathing slowly and let the medicine flow into the nostril.

If you are spraying medicine in other nostril, close the nostril that has already received medicine.

Do not sneeze or blow your nose soon after using the canister. Wash canister thoroughly for every three days and keep it away from sunlight.

How To Use A Pump Bottle

Clear mucus before using pump bottle. Remove cap and squirt some medicine into the air, until fine mist comes out.

Tilt head forward, hold the bottle with thumb finger at the bottom, and with other fingers at the top.

Place the nozzle close to the nostril and squeeze the medicine slowly.

Always aim the nozzle straight and towards back of head. Spray straight, otherwise medicine gets wasted and causes irritation in the nose.

If the pump has been used correctly, the medicine should not drip down the back of your throat or from the nose. Place the cap back and keep it away from sunlight.

Things To Remember

It will take at least two weeks of time for nasal sprays to relieve symptoms completely.

If you notice any bleeding or nose hurts, stop the medicine immediately. If bleeding or irritation persist, talk to your doctor.

Follow your doctors advise strictly. Nasal sprays work only if used regularly.