Cataract is a disease of the eye, where the lens of the eyes is impacted. The lens gets clouded by the accumulation of proteins, preventing visualization of clear images. In other words, the clouding impacts lens sending proper light to the retina and in turn obstruct clear imaging. Cataracts occur mainly at older age; however, younger aged too may be prone to it. Its symptoms are not visible in the early stage as it is a slow disease.

Old Man Using Eye Drops

The most common symptoms include;

  • Blurry or cloudy vision and difficulty to see
  • Difficulty to see in night
  • Low light causes difficulty to see or read, and so brighter light needed
  • Halos or cloudy circles of light
  • Sensitivity to sharp lights and glares
  • Frequent changes in prescribed glasses by the doctors
  • Dullness of colors

However, there are many reasons that lead to the formation of cataracts. The main reason however is the formation of clumps of proteins in the eye triggered by genetic causes or external impact.

  • Disease based cataracts include; diabetes, hypertension, and obesity
  • External causes include; smoking, alcohol, prolonged drug usage such as corticosteroid, steroids, and statin medicines, UV rays from sunlight or other sources
  • Old aged are prone from injury or inflammation or eye surgery in the past
  • Family history (genetic reason), improper eating, hormonal therapies also lead to cataracts

However, cataracts are treatable by using prescribed glasses or surgery. If cataracts are in the initial stages, then drugs may be administered as treatment procedure.