Online medical stores are beginning to make their mark in India. What's everyone worried about? The genuineness of medicines found in e-medical stores, naturally. To protect the consumer, India has set down guidelines for pharmaceutical companies that prevent them from selling spurious drugs online. Buying medicines online saves you a lot of money - find out how and stay safe.

How do you know if an online medicine store is safe? Genuine online pharmacies ask for your prescription. Never trust any website that sells you controlled (Schedule H) medicines without a prescription.

Buy Medicines Online In India

Here are a few checkpoints to order your medicines online:

  • Upload your prescription & the e-medical store will call you to verify your order.
  • Your prescription and order are shipped to you once an in-house pharmacist confirms it.
  • You can choose to pay online or when you receive your medicines.
  • Or simply choose your medicines from the search field found at the top of the e-medical shop's homepage.
  • Enter your details on the shopping cart and checkout pages.
  • Scan your prescription & send it via e-mail.
  • A customer service executive will call to confirm the prescription and order.

Now, India has a great choice in, backed by the Dadha Group, which brings its expertise in the pharmaceutical industry to the e-commerce sector. With several highly qualified pharmacists inspecting each prescription they receive, we protect your interests as a customer buying life-saving medicines. Whether you are buying medicines for yourself or someone close to you- takes India's health very seriously.